Friday, November 25, 2005

I Want Cheese

I. Want. Cheese. Three little words that could get Jesse-boy a little sibling to play with.

I've been thinking that it's about time Mae and I tried for a little girl. Jesse is 15 months now. If we behave like horny responsible adults, then we ought to give the boy a little sibling to play with. I mean, the boy seems so lonely sometimes, it's almost heartbreaking. *ahem* Besides, Mae and I aren't getting any younger. I don't want to be working through my 60's just trying to put my kids through college. So it's perfect timing that makes perfect sense. To me, at least.

"But we only just got Jesse," Mae's concept of time continues to perplex me. Two years to have another kid if far too short. Me sitting on the john for a measly 20 minutes is far too long. As far as Mae is concerned, she's never ready for any kid. Come to think of it, if I hadn't forced myself on her the last time, we wouldn't have had Jesse.

I'm kidding. I promise. :)

Being an awfully good negotiator, I cut a deal with the wife - when the boy starts talking, it's time. "No, when he says his first intelligible sentence," Mae counter-offers. "Okay, okay, when he says 'I want cheese', okay?" I craftily suggest. It was failsafe. Jesse loves cheese and he know what I'm taking about when I say the word. And so we shook on it. Like business people do.

Unfortunately, sometimes I'm too smart for my own good. The boy can't say 'Cheese'. He can almost say 'I love you' but no, not 'Cheese'. It's driving me nuts. I should have picked a simpler sentence. *sigh*


  1. better start training Jesse.. teach him everyday, he may say it sooner than u expected..
    good luck man..

  2. bring Jesse to my place... I am sure I can teach him to say that sentence within the hour!!
    but then your next one will have to call me The Godfather!!

  3. very easy one. take out a kraft cheese, and then say to Jesse "say i want cheese?". soon, very very soon, you can menjalankan tugas liao :P

  4. it took my nephew nearly 2 years to say the words "I want...". but im sure Jesse is an intellingent little fella. just keep telling him cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese...then he will definitely follow u :)

  5. best of luck bro....and i want some (goat ) cheese too

  6. bwahahahha .. erm how do you know you would get a girl anyway?

  7. You're too funny, James!!! Emily's nearly 14 months old and hubby wants to try for No. 2. I think it's way too early for No. 2. I want to wait till Emily starts going to pre-school first! :P

  8. Like that also can har! LOL. You should start saying "I love cheese" each time you see Jesse. :D

  9. hahaha...No.1 tyke is good at saying "I want...." but I've been trying to get him to say "please" at the end of the's killing both me and him! hahahahahahah
    don't give up ..he'll say it in a singsong way, dangling cheese in front of him... kah kah kah....!!!!!
    go for no.2 QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hehehe!! that's cute..!
    But mae is prolly right...!! to have another one.. would be very tiring.. if Jesse still needs alot of atention.

  11. hahaha.. maybe jesse's first real sentence will be "i want.. sister.."

  12. lol dangle the cheese n dont give it till he repeats ;) hehe

  13. Err, to clarify, all the pictures have " Bandwidth Exceeded" notices.

  14. Hey dude, do you want me to help host your website's pictures?

  15. aiyaaa jst wait until he say cheese enough laaa pity you james :P hehehehehehehe or else let the word sound almost like cheese :P maybe cccceeeehhhseee

  16. *Laughs* 2 years is still too soon, according to most. 3 would be the best. ^_^

  17. save all the hassle. Just force yourself on her again.
    *runs and hides*

  18. patience James, patience...
    btw, suggestion by husband (above) seemed a good idea :lol:

  19. I want to get myself a new baby to play with.

  20. good luck to u james, i've trying for some time for 2nd one and yeah hopefully a girl too kekeke then can "wong fei hoong sau tong".
    tell u wat, kids learn by repetition... so just keep on saying "i want cheese" many times a day to jesse... ahem u may rope in roma to help u too :p hehehehe

  21. Let him watch the latest Wallace and Gromit show - that might help :) Good luck.

  22. ....bring jesse to me. and i will impart my knowledge.

  23. I'm going thru my pregnancy right now and I think it's gonna take a long while before I want to go thru another one! :)

  24. Problem with Jesse is, he isn't the most cooperative kid in the world, Geetha! *sigh*
    I'll need it, Kim!
    :lol: Don't tempt me, Egghead,
    Tried it, Buaya! Nope. Didn't happen.
    I even got Roma training him now, Cherry.
    Hmm... goat cheese eh, Foodcrazee. That sounds appetising.
    Easy, Suanie. I just switch on the "Girl" switch!
    :lol: Ariel, if Mae had her way, we'll be waiting till the boy goes to Secondary School!
    I do, Jason. :lol:
    Hahhh... I guess you're enjoying no. 2 eh, MOTT?
    I'll willing to give him all the attention, MamaBok!
    I wish, Hedon!
    Nah, Visithra. He'll just cry so much it'll annoy me into submission. :lol:
    Thanks for the offer, Rajan. I'll figure it out.
    Hahh, we'll see how it goes, Deepsy.
    2,3, what's the difference, SillyPat?! :lol:
    :lol: Hahahah, why yes, Husband. However, this time around will be difficult since I've lost the element of surprise.
    Patience are for people who like small families, Dom. Goddess.
    And you should, Maria. :)
    Babe, we'll "sau tong" if our next turns out to be triplets. :lol:
    Lmama, Wallace and Gromit? Hmm...
    And you have plenty, eh Leo?
    Aww, dun worry Prissy. It'll start getting enjoyable soon.

  25. It will be better to teach him to say "I want mei mei/sister"

  26. you sure Mae not "sabo"-ing your plans? she's teaching him not to say "cheese"?
    and if one day.. Jesse finds out.. that his little sistah/brother came out because he said "I want cheese" he'll go ... "Maaaaaaaaaaan.. what did I say? "
    ~ i.e. if he doesn't want that younger sister/brother.. :P

  27. i have a tip...teach him to pronounce the alphabet C C "cer" When he can say "cer" it will be easier to say Cheese...C "cer" Cheese. it's the smart reader technique.
    i had my 2nd when my first is 11 mths old...both of them is never lonely. don't wait so long lar...unless both of you still in the early 20s. :D

  28. Michelle, I can't teach the kid to say anything!
    Hahha, good point, Paulos.
    Hmm... you must have a lot of time on your hands, Miche. Hahahh... I'm kidding. It's good to have more.
    Sounds practical enough, Papi. Have you tried it? :lol: