Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Sick Help

For as long as we've had Jesse, he's never gotten really sick before. Maybe a little flu here and there, and a bit of cough once in awhile; but never really sick. Until yesterday.

Poor kid got the sniffles on Sunday night. That rapidly developed into a cough and a little fever. As if that wasn't bad enough, he had diarrhea too yesterday. It broke my heart into little pieces seeing the little guy suffer like that. And suffer, he did. Mae and I had to take turns watching him all night. Here's what we learnt, courtesy of our Pediatrician, Baby Center and good old fashion Momma's Advice:
  1. A little Vicks Vaporub on the chest can help with the nasal congestion and apparently, cough too. Jesse couldn't sleep cos he had trouble breathing. A little Vicks and shortly after, he was out like a light.
  2. Diarrhea will leave the kid dehydrated. Your doctor can prescribe an electrolyte solution. Otherwise, 100 Plus works too. Open the can, allow it to sit till it gets flat (no more gas), and serve. Jesse prefers 100 Plus.
  3. Yoghurt also works for kids with Diarrhea. Some live cultures can help the kid get better quicker. Our doc gave us some in granule form. Otherwise, try Yakult.
  4. A cold compress on the forehead can help rid the fever. Kool Fever strips help too. Just make sure you're not too sleepy to read the instructions. Mae and I spend a good half hour wondering why the damn thing didn't stay on Jesse's forehead. Peeling off the back sheet helps. *ahaks*
Anyway Jesse's fever has subsided. And the diarrhea is gone too. So far, the boy seems to be holding up well. Ah, perhaps we'll get some sleep tonight.


  1. Aww... Hope Jesse gets well asap, before the hearts of 2 adults shattered into million of pieces like humpty dumpty.
    Try Gatorade, gatorade has no gas but works like 100 Plus. :D

  2. don't go overboard on Vicks, since it contains camphor which is not recommended for babies :) glad to hear that the little fella is getting better... way to go mum and dad

  3. Yakult is one of the first few words that my son learn to say... he even pull people to the fridge and ask them to take one out whenever he felt like having a scoop :)

  4. Do be careful James with the Kool Fever strips. My paeditrician at SJMC told us not to use it on kids, says it does contain a certain amount of alcohol although it's not stated on the box.
    Thus, we have stopped using it on Olivia whenever she has a fever. Have resorted to sponging her instead.
    Hope Jesse feels better and gets well soon.

  5. ya, Mrs B and I are most afraid when high fever strikes our kids. sponging and fever strips do help. we learnt a very valuable lesson. for kids, it pays to get a good electronic termometer as kids don't stay still long enuf for the normal clinical termometers.

  6. poor lil kiddo.
    sick kids breaks hearts. sigh.
    no. 1 tyke is sick too. must be something flying around. snifff....
    hope jesse gets better n continues terrorising ur house again!

  7. Thanks for the tips.. James..! i'll remember the vapor-rub the next time.. ;)

  8. I hear Gatorade is a little sweet, Jason. But thanks for the tip. Might try it.
    Thanks for the info, Sue. Will ease up on the Vicks.
    He's all better now CyberRed. Except for last night when he puked all over me while I was half asleep. *yucks*
    If my son says "Yakult" better than "Daddy", I shall be forced to disown him, Egghead. :lol:
    Eeps! Thanks for the tip, Hwee Mei. Will save the Kool Fever for ourselves.
    Ugh! We had to learn the hard way, Buaya. Looks like it's time to invest in a new thermometer.
    Yeah, plenty of folks getting sick, MOTT. Hope your kid is better now.
    Oh, but do take note of Sue's comment about the camphor, MamaBoK!

  9. Gatorade actually makes you more thirsty, for some reason, I think it's because of the sweetness. Usually the brand Pedialyte is available otc for here la ... sorry haven't checked your site in so long, my parents are here in the States visiting their No.1 grandson keke ... and they bought me a new van ... shiok, Ford Windstar.
    With fever, what about just good ol' cool towel to the forehead? Don't forget to massage the feet, so the blood goes there instead of to his head lol dunno whether it's true, heard it's midwife's tale.
    For a cold, if you have a chance to get a hold of one of those Vick's Humidifier and Vaporizer, use it. It's very very good because it releases the vapor into the air like in hospitals. Some parents here try aromatherapy with eucalyptus, does the same thing.
    Much love and hope he gets well soon~!

  10. Thanks for the tips, Gwen. Yes, our doctor prescribed Pedialyte but Jesse doesn't like it so we switched to 100Plus.