Monday, November 21, 2005

Famous Ipoh Beansprouts Chicken

a taste of Ipoh

Unless your dietary orientation forbids it, you can't ever go to Ipoh without having the city's famous Beansprouts Chicken Kuey Teow. And famous, it is. Tourists arrive by the busloads, and city folks here never seem to have enough of the stuff.

The last time Mae and I had this at Ipoh's famous Lou Wong Restaurant, Jesse was just a couple of months from being born. And despite Mae voracious appetite at the time, we were not impressed. Despite our mild disappointment the last time, we decided to give Lou Wong another chance and this time around the folks at Lou Wong completely redeemed themselves!We ordered the standard poached chicken, beansprouts, pork meatballs and Ipoh's famous Sar Hor Fun (Kuey Teow) noodles.
The chicken is perfectly done, cooked just well enough to retain a juicy smoothness that is often absent from overcooked chicken. Similarly the beansprouts are poached just right, removing any taste of green but retaining its crunchy goodness. And characteristic of Ipoh taugeh, the sprouts are stout and crunchy. Both are drizzled with a combination of sesame oil and a delicious soy sauce mix. And in that mix is the secret of Lou Wong's success.

Lou Wong's porkballs were excellent - springy, rubbery and tasty, the hallmarks of any good balls. *ahem* And of course, we ordered ourselves a bowl of Sar Hor Fun each. It must be said that the noodles here differ from KL's ever so slightly with it's slightly translucent look and superb slippery smooth texture.

So, yes, this time around Lou Wong came through for us. We're not sure why our previous outing was a letdown. Perhaps it was the peak holiday season and the guys here decided to water down their stuff; or maybe they have re-discovered what made them famous in the first place. We may never know. :) Anyway if you're looking, Lou Wong is located on 49, Yau Tat Shin Road. It's somewhere in between Syuen Hotel and Super Kinta.

Note: By the way, some Ipoh folks have told me that other places actually serve better Beansprouts Chicken, like Ong Kee Restaurant across the street and this other one on Coven Street. I have, however, learnt that people's personal taste should not be trusted. Go where the crowd is. Thousands of people can't be wrong, right? :)


  1. I baru ate the same thing last weekend at a stall at Kepong (same Ipoh name) and also another at "The Chicken Rice Shop" at Jusco... and now you are reminding me again?? OMG!

  2. Aiyoooooo so yum yum. You made me wanna go to Ipoh right away.

  3. eee, me like ipoh ayam, nicenice. i like the chicken biscuits too. cheers!

  4. can almost smell it............ green with envy now...

  5. Woww..u are FOC to advertised for Lou Wong..they should thanks you or mayb reward you a VIP card...kekeke
    I'm originally from Ipoh, Ong Kee also very nice and they offer choice of 'Kampong Chicken', whereby Coven Street have choice of rice, kuey teow & porridge..

  6. "Lou Wong" at one time was having a bad reputation and did lost quite some business to rivals.
    They are however the pioneer in these dishes, and thus for visitors and tourists it's still the place to be.
    Well if you ask a Ipoh peeps like me.. I believe most will tell you the taste is the same everywhere.. the 'secret' of making tasty chicken and bean sprouts is no longer a secret nowadays.

  7. "Go where the crowd is. Thousands of people can't be wrong, right?"
    But thousands of people cannot fit into the humble restaurant at Coven Street mah :)

  8. It's good that you followed the crowd, huh? I always like Lou Wong...although a lot of people said otherwise, I still go there whenever I'm back in Ipoh. Like you said, I also follow the crowd...

  9. Lou Wong, here I come. Anything recommended by LoopyMeals are always good!

  10. Aiya...!! now i wanna cry.. lah.. James..!!
    I didn't get my chinese food as expected this weekend.. from my worker who went up to the city.. !! what a bummer.. :( and then now i see all the good food you ate.. ayaya..!!!

  11. Eat again lah, Egghead! :)
    You must, CheCheh! It's only a two-hour drive. Thats like driving from KL to PJ in heavy traffic.
    Chicken biscuits are from Kampar lah, JoeC. But yes, they sell them there too.
    It's a short drive lah, MOTT. Besides, if you make a trip there there's plenty more you can eat.
    OK, Rachel, I'll take your recommendation and try them all someday.
    That could be true, Jee. I mean, there really isn't much to beansprouts and chicken.
    :lol: You are so clever, Pelf. Just for that, we'll check out Coven Street next.
    We're lemmings, Jennifer. Hehheh...
    Wah Lilian, very give face lah you. :)
    Then you better stay away for the next few days, MamaBoK!
    *sigh* Li! I was never very good at dieting but I'm sure you already know that!

  12. thousands are usually wrong. Look at maxis..... *runs for cover*
    ONG KEE!!

  13. Husband: Ah, the plaintive cry of a Taugeh turncoat! :)

  14. Gosh, I got the names mixed up. I went to Ong Kee but ended up eating Lou Wong 'cos the crowd was at LW.

  15. No, Dont go OnnKee!!! i have had a bad experience there... Lou Wong, Yes!! :>