Monday, November 28, 2005

Where My Damn Pix!?

It's obvious that I've exceeded my bandwidth at Photobucket. Now I'm not techy enough to know exactly what that means but I assume that's happening because many people are looking at my pictures (or picture). Which leads me to my next conclusion. Since I do not get that many hits, or have that many readers, I have deduced that someone out there is hotlinking my pictures. I feel so violated.

This sucks. Get your own picture hosting, dammit!

I'm a visual kinda guy. I need to see pictures on my blog. Pictures. It is the very reason I prefer television to music, DVDs to CDs and comics to books. Gimme back my pictures!!!!! *sigh* I know I should really consider paying for hosting but knowing me, the whole damn site will probably get shut down after one year cos I forget to pay. In case you're new to this blog, yah, it's my thing. I forget to make payments and stuff. I've had my car repossessed, my electricity and water supply cut and my mailbox ocassionally stuffed with warning letters from lawyers, banks and credit card companies. Heh. So, no, that's never gonna work. I guess I'll just have to rough it out.

Thankfully, this will soon pass. According to Photobucket, my pictures will be up once again when December comes round. Meanwhile, I will have to live with this horror everytime I look into this site. So will you. Forgive me.


  1. Why not upload your photos into blogger's photo upload facility. That way you don't have to suffer from bandwidth problems.

  2. yeah, haven't you notice blogger already has its own photo uplaod facility. you can even upload more than one picture in one post using blogger's photo post. i did that with my post on the corus hotel.

  3. if needed.. i can provide you with space.

  4. Hey, James, Photobucket sucks. They give us only 1.5GB bandwith per month. I had this problems with my blog too. Host your photo with Flickr. The best. 20MB diskspace per month. No limit on bandwith. It is hard to load 20MB pics per month, trust me. I usually use only 50% of that diskspace. I like Flickr 'cos they have these really nice community where we can share pics.

  5. I am using Blogger's photo upload at the moment... and it works fine for me :)

  6. leech!!! i encountered once too... errmm depending on my posting... i have uploaded my pics into photobucket, flickr and blogger too. i still find photobucket the easiest to run things around.

  7. "Since I do not get that many hits, or have that many readers.."
    You're kidding, right? You're the bees knees, yo! The man wit da plan! The blogging mac-dadddy!
    Hmm. I don't think I can pull off being 'cool'.

  8. i have to agree with sashi - ure kidding about the popularity right? ;)

  9. eh get flickr, will ya?

  10. sorry to see ur site got vandalised by your total lack of desire to get your own hosting! Nothing is free in life. Even eternal life tho free to us, cost Jesus his life.

  11. Huh? What upload facility, Suresh? :lol: I'll go look.
    Lucia, I'll give it a try someday. Now very lazy lah.
    Thanks for the offer, Leo. But I'll try and figure this one out.
    I shall take your advice Lilian. I'll get around to it when the laziness leaves my body. :lol:
    Any limitations or anything, Egghead?
    Babe, I like Photobucket too. Until now.
    I have a few readers lah, Sashi. But surely not enough to sap my bandwidth!?
    I no kid u, Visithra.
    I'll get round to it sometime soon, Minishorts!
    Hahah... hey no preaching in the comments, Josh! I like these freebies for a reason lah. Imagine one day when you and I both mampus. You're domain will be gone but mine will remain for as long as Blogger is in business. :)

  12. I have no idea how many space the photobucket give us, so I just open a few to avoid my photo disappear, even now with my own site, I sometime still use the photobucket.

  13. btw i've created a 2nd account with photobucket bwaahahaha before they increase the space limit recently. maybe you could do the same too.