Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pachyderm Phallus & Other Photos

The Taiping Zoo is a lovely place to watch animals banging ... erm... doing animal stuff. We took loads of pictures but here are the ones approved by the Home Minister of our home. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, while giving you my witty (*ahem*) commentary. Yes, yes, I'm trying to give Sashi and Zoo Melaka a run for their money.

"Just airing the balls, nothing to see here! Move along."

"Sorry Harry, I'm not spending a lifetime with a cold-blooded animal like you."

"Are we there yet?"

This could have been a better shot had I been quicker on the draw. There were a whole bunch of them - about 6 - walking in a line. Oh well.

"Come home, Juliet, it could never work out. You're just too different."

"Zebra is ze piece of clothing to hold up ze boobs."

I was so close I could almost touch this guy. And for some reason, this fella just stood there while we took photos and stuff.

"Whatsamatter kid? Never seen a guy skinny-dipping before?"

Jesse really loved the otter display. He was almost falling asleep when we got here and seeing the otter perked him right up. Otters have showmanship, I'll tell you that much. That's Grandma's hand on Jesse's head, guiding him towards the otter. Hehh!

"No Entry, okay!? I'm still sore."

"All that hump and no action... *sigh*"

"Is that another trunk or are you just happy to see me?"

We were walking up to the Elephant display when Mae told Jesse, "Look boy, elephant shit-shit!" I had to educate her, "Look again, honey!" "Whoaaa!!!" I guess we're just not getting the most of our Astro Animal Planet subscription.

This one is of Jesse enjoying himself stepping on the paw-prints they painted on the ground. All in all, we enjoyed ourselves. There's nothing like watching animals caged-up like... erm... animals. But seriously though, I think the Zoo in Taiping has done a pretty good job. The animals are well cared for and their enclosures very well designed to resemble their natural habitat.

Clever people, these Taiping folks. Heh!


  1. Your witty captions had me in stitches, James! I love the zebra one! *lol*

  2. Well, I've been to the National Zoo, Melaka Zoo, Singapore Zoo... guess the only place left is Taiping.
    And is it me, or does Jesse's haircut resemble Bruce Lee's?

  3. whoa! that Jumbo really has a huge ....!
    I am sure all the females there are shouting wildly!!

  4. oh boy... big pachyderm!
    taiping zoo looks real cool! it's got iggies too!

  5. i like the zebra picture A LOT . can i have one for my desktop?

  6. Ya, man, the zebra caption rawks! BTW, seeing monkeys banging each other is quite natural. Seeing two male leopards humping together-gether is traumatising. Only in Singapore Nite Safari :P

  7. u got me rolling on the floor laffing at yr captions :lol:

  8. you have a giraffe's head "sticking out" of the zebra's eye. haha. reminds me of the corpse bride.

  9. how come i never get to see any animals doing animal stuff when i visited the zoo? whatz the secret???

  10. I like the zebra!! By the way, me thinks I should visit here more. i thought the last time, u blogged about Jesse learning how to walk. And now he's up and about? alamak...

  11. waahhh, how come all pixs very innocent but the komment like 18SX wan...hehehehe... "banging" lol tat was very funny! cheers!

  12. looking at the picture, Taiping's Zaa really doing better than KL zoo.

  13. Is that Home Minister's pair of legs? Waa...boleh tahan also arr, quite the leggy type. Good choice, James :)
    And I notice you've been visiting the Taiping Zoo repeatedly. Whose relatives are those again??? Heheh.

  14. LOL um, this site is no longer baby friendly... :P
    i guess parents should be ready for all kinds of questions before taking kids to the zoo huh? as an auntie, i'll know not to take other people's kids to the zoo until im ready to answer awkward questions. hehe :) thanks for the laugh!!!

  15. hehehe Jesse looks so excitedly cute ;)

  16. My father told me the zebra one when I was a kid, Ariel. :)
    Yes, yes, go, go, Sashi. Taiping will be happy to receive you. And yes, that is a Bruce Lee haircut.
    Left you speechless, eh, Lilian? This must be the shortest comment you ever left here. :lol:
    Egghead, I suspect we just missed the show by the time we got that shot. :)
    You'll find iggies all over the place in Taiping, MOTT. No need to go zoo! :lol:
    It shall be done, Minishorts!
    Leopards, Coolcat!? Whoa. I have to go to Singapore.
    Glad you enjoyed it, Babe.
    Oh come one, Buaya, dun try to mask your penis envy with laughther.
    Good eye, Mei. I didn't even notice that.
    It's the weather in Taiping, Miche. Makes everybody horny. :lol:
    He's still not walking unaided, Yvonne. We still have to hold his hand. :)
    Erm... I have no excuse, Joe. I'm a perv.
    It is quite a nice place, Maria. When they opened up the jungle to built the zoo, the left the jungle there. :) Do make a trip there if you can.
    Hahah, you can tell at that angle, Anjali? BTW, going to the zoo is Mae's idea. Heh!
    It is too, JaneJane! Kids can come here and learn the facts of life in the best possible way. :)
    Visithra, I think that's just his smug look. :)

  17. I wonder if they do elephants in bestiality...

  18. nice pictures... i'll be sure to visit again... love your captions... and the comments are great too...

  19. but not galapago island sizes like those!!!!!!!!

  20. ... in the jungle ... the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight ... oooo weeeee

  21. i think, if i'm not mistaken, taiping zoo had been judged the best zoo in our country (or was it cleanest or something like that). kudos to the zoo director, dr kevin lazarus, a personal friend of mine. we are in the same society - SSVP.
    btw, taiping zoo has night safari.

  22. Ugh Yee Wei, what a thing to wonder!!!
    Thanks for dropping by, ShaZaReenE!
    They're not as big as they look lah, MOTT!
    Indeed the lion was asleep, Gwen. Which is why we didn't get any pictures.
    If you see him again, Lucia, do tell him he's doing a fine job. :)

  23. Increadibly hilarious animals. Stop monkeying around James and join the Animal Planet.