Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Swede Nothings

the best thing since Abba

If you've ever bought anything at Ikea Kota Damansara, you would have noticed an eatery right after the check-out counters. It's a small cafe at the exit area named, quite aptly so, the Exit Cafe. Heh!

Yesterday, having run out of places to entertain Jesse, I brought him in to the section where they sell Swedish goodies. In fact, if you like any of the Swedish stuff you eat at any one of Ikea's 3 restaurants, chances are you'll find them here. Yes, even the meatballs and the brown sauce mix, and the little berries on top!

But what caught my attention was the squeeze-tube shrimp cream cheese! It's cream cheese with little bits of shrimp in it and it comes in a metal tube, just like toothpaste. (Actually it's more like tile-grout since toothpastes no longer use metal tubes.) I bought a tube of the stuff along with a pack of Swedish crispbreads.

I love it. The crunchy healthy-tasting crispbread! The creamy cream cheese. And the little bits of shrimp. Plus the convenience of getting in a tube. I'm half tempted to brush my teeth with the stuff. Or squeeze the whole tube in my mouth when no one's watching. Whoa! I bet Jesse would love it too, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to share yet. Heh!

Ahhhh... I love Ikea!


  1. lol ohhh do share n then tell us how he liked or hated it ;p

  2. sounds delish. must go and get one soon

  3. YaY!! i love Ikea.. too..!! but never seems to buy alot of things from there.. bummer..!!

  4. Yea i love ikea too, but then what else to expect from a swedeophile. Havent tried the shrimp cream cheese, but definitely will after reading this. Swedish almond thins are amazing too

  5. talking about swedish food... my parents still goes there to drink free coffee and eat their favourite meat balls every weekend... as for me? local meat balls still look better :P

  6. ahh i notice you got the shrimp in a tube. i recommend the caviar in a tuber. Delicious. a bit salty though.
    quite surprized that they sell those here though. got mine , shrimp, caviar, bacon from a friend of mine in sweden

  7. slurpssss.... time to head on to ikea... AGAIN! hehehehe yippeeee

  8. love your blog. reading them makes me miss kuala lumpur sooo much.

  9. Wow, shrimp and caviar in tubes??? Do they just have plain cream cheese? Then I can just squeeze the whole tube into my mouth. Heh!

  10. it's divine isn't it?
    tubular satisfaction. snigger.

  11. ahhh, simple yet heavenly.... will try it soon yumyum. cheers!

  12. Authentic Swedish meatballs are good.

  13. Don't put the tube in the bathroom, or you might mis-took it as toothpaste, haha...

  14. He loved it Visithra. So much so, he snatched the tube from me and tried to stuff the whole thing down his throat! :lol:
    Get two, Foodcrazee. Damn thing runs out quickly!
    Just buy the food then, MamaBoK!
    Almond Thins eh, Akki? I didn't see those in Ikea. Must... look... past... shrimp... cheese.... *ack*
    Local meatballs better, Egghead? You mean like the Soong Kee Beef Ball Noodles? Hmmm....
    I saw some other weird stuff too Leo, but wasn't feeling terrible adventurous that day.
    One more excuse to go Ikea, eh Babe!?
    :lol: Thanks Michele. Though, technically, this post should make you miss Sweden.
    Nope, no plain cheese for these crazy vikings, Primrose.
    All satisfaction comes in a tubular form, MOTT? Hehhh....
    Hurry before I buy up all their stock, JoeC!
    I hear the same about authentic Swedish women, Amber. Hahahh!
    No worries there, Jacky. I'll be just as happy brushing my teeth with it. :lol:

  15. now i'm hungry. :p
    btw, elo there. :)
    starting to blog again but dunno for how long. :(
    and i think i left a comment somewhere but not sure which posting.
    also, glad to see your little Jesse is growing bigger and bigger. :)
    Cheerio. :)

  16. I love IKEA but not shrimp! Let me go see if they have other flavours to be squeezed!