Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Too Little For Chicken Little

look ma, no pants

"You've never brought Jesse to the cinema?" my sis Sue asked, her eyes opened wide, almost pulsating out of her sockets. "Not even once?"

Indeed we had not. We just never felt ready to bring Jesse to a cinema. What if he cried? What if he whinged and whined out loud bugging all the nice folks at the auditorium? What if the other patrons started throwing popcorn and Coke at us?

"Why don't we go for a matinee show at GSC's Gold Class?" Ah Fook, the ever-inspired brother-law-asked. "If all of us went," he reasoned pointing to my other siblings and our parents, "we'd pratically take up the whole auditorium." In principal, it was a good concept. There'd be no one outside our family for Jesse to annoy. And so, at 11:50am on Sunday last week, we saw Chicken Little at One Utama. There were two other couples there. And they brought their toddlers too.

For some reason, everytime the trailer came on TV, the little fowl reminded us of our own little guy. Besides, Jesse always perked up when they played that Chicken Little teaser with the strangely infectious Numa-Numa song. So we thought he might enjoy the show. Unfortunately, our boy just wasn't ready for such an outing. He got disinterested quickly enough and just started messing around with the popcorn and coke. Thankfully, though, he didn't kick up too much of a fuss.

And so at RM35 a pop, it cost us RM105 for Mae, Roma and me. Plus refreshments and lunch, we spent a small fortune for last Sunday's outing, only to learn that our son isn't gonna be ready for another cinema outing for another year. *sigh*

You know what they say - a fool and his money are soon parted. Yes, an idiot and his wife are RM170 poorer.


  1. HEY! My No.1 tyke pun belum step into a cinema...for the same reason! By observing him, I know for a fact, there is NO WAY he's going to seat quietly....!!!!!!!
    so..i guess it's vcd/dvds' for now eh, james?

  2. cinemas? wait till he's at least 3yo. in the meantime, Uncle Ho for family and TGV/GS for you and mae only. ;)

  3. But isn't it better for you to wait till Jesse is like, 15, and run of secretly to cinemas to watch 18SX movies without your permission and knowledge?

  4. wow ... u lucky rich farker lu ... 170 bucks for a movie ??!!! -_-"

  5. *sigh* I guess so, MOTT. But his 2 yr old cousin managed to sit throughout the show and enjoying it somemore.
    Think of the support I could have given Uncle Ho with that RM170, Buaya! Aiyiyiyi!!!
    Hah, no problems there, Rajan. Back when I was a kid, we didn't have any silly rating and I sat through Omen, Jaws and other violent shit at the age of 7-10. And looks what a well-adjusted man I turned out to be. Heh.
    Aiya Wingz, after that weekend, the rest of our month will be spent eating Kook Chung!

  6. He is still too young. By the way, cinema sound system is pretty loud for children. I was thinking of bringing my 3 year old to see Chicken Little but on second thots I wait for the DVD. He can watch it 100 times.

  7. we brought our son to watch "revenge of the sith" on the first few days... and he dozzed off after 5 minutes into the show until it ended... LOL!

  8. I believe Rajan's comment alluded to 18SX, not SG.........
    *wishing someone would sponsor cheeky wife and me to ANY movie in Gold Class - we're cheaper: no maid.... YET*

  9. was also wondering is my 16 months old boy is ready for the cinema... seems like i'll have to wait for a bit more too :P

  10. I think Jesse likes comercials more than the movie - n singing n dancing - ;p

  11. RM35 per person for the show? why so expensive?
    well children are known to have very short attention span, so it is no good to bring them to the cinema where they have to sit for more than 1/2 an hour.

  12. whoa jesse is so lucky dat daddy had spent so much on his virgin cinema experience kekeke
    boiboi's kiamsap parents spent rm20 (no popcorn, no coke :p) last sat afternoon, same cinema as yours but not gold class definitely on his maiden voyage. we were like you too holding back but we reckon this show wud hv kept him on his butt on my lap and yes he did. cant wait to bring him for more shows. hehehe more like the daddy and mummy can start going to the cinema AGAIN tehehehe...

  13. Hehehe!! i would never bring my brat to a movie.. till she is about 5 yrs old.. maybe..??
    So i think you and mae are very "the" brave..!! i salut you . :)

  14. The movies? The cinemas are too cold for my kids that everytime I bring my 1st kid, I need to dress him like we're going to Genting or something. But anyway, I only bring him because there no one to babysit. That was when he was 1. Now, that he's 3, I don't think I'll ever bring him until 3 years later because he just can't stay put!

  15. Yes Michelle, I underestimated the power of DVD!
    :lol: Egghead, wasn't that an 18SX movie?
    Hhahhha, indeed Husband. But heck, I watched the uncensored version of Blue Lagoon as a kid and look what a fine person I turned out to be. :) BTW, keep plugging and maybe you'll get your Gold Class sponsorship! :lol:
    Yes, Sue, wait. :)
    Not really Visithra, he's not that into TV!
    Lucia, Gold Class is a special premium cinema with plush seating and you can order food and stuff. :)
    Ah yes, Babe, you're on to me. This is a ploy to get us going to cinemas again too!!!
    Fine line between brave and dumb, Mama BoK!
    :lol: I guess no cinemas for you then, KI!

  16. no wonder Mami has been bugging me to bring Yiyi to see Chicken Little. Now I know... LOL!