Monday, November 7, 2005

Practical Skills

At fourteen months, some kids can do plenty. Wave bye-bye. Blow kisses. Point out their eyes, nose, mouths or whatever. And then there is Jesse.

"Look at that Baby Jubbs - pointing out his eyes and mouth and nose. Our son can't do any of these," Mae gestures with her thumb to the boy sitting quietly in the back seat with his Kakak Roma. Jesse doesn't make a peep. It's almost as if he agrees.

"Yes, but our boy has practical skills," I protested, pointing out that despite Baby Jubbs ability to blindly follow the instructions of silly adults he has yet to learn to walk. Mae makes a monkey face at me.

"It's true," I explained, "Imagine if Jesse got lost in a jungle with Baby Jubbs and a tiger shows up. Our son will be able to run away while Baby Jubbs will be busy pointing at his eyes, nose, mouth and his pee-pee."

"Awww... you're jealous," Mae give me another monkey face, this time more condescending than the first. For some reason, it comes easy to her - the monkey face, I mean. Anyway, when we got home, Mae proceeded to educate Jesse on the aspects of his anatomy. Me, I think I'll teach him something more practical. Like grabbing a smart-aleck kid by the nuts or something.

Okay, okay, I'm jealous! Sue me.


  1. yalor, practical skillz saves lifes.... teach him the karate death chop, or the loopy iron grip! cheers!

  2. Awww, every kid reaches a milestone at different times. Don't feel so bad. I'm sure with the size of Jesse's dingdong he's sure not to miss pointing it out to you ... repeatedly, when he discovers how fun it is!
    el oh el oh el

  3. hahahaha..daddy also jelous huh? hahaha..funny but cute!!! but then am sure little Jesse will get the hang of it soon!! don't worry!! stop getting jealous lah..

  4. well... nowadays... people stop bragging about how great their kids are liao... instead... we compare to other kids and see how under-performed our kids are... or is it only the woman do that? :P

  5. dun compare. pressure on poor jesse :P

  6. I KNOW!
    I don't know what's wrong with me but I keep checking up on what he does or rather what he has NOT done yet. If somethg is earlier than expected, I beam with utmost pride. Someone save my son!!!

  7. I think it's just that parents are worried that their might be something wrong with their child (touch wood) that they keep comparing their children with others. Goodness knows my parents have never stopped that. ^_^

  8. parents r natural worrier, so i guess mae is just natural. anyway children grew at their own pace. no point to hurry them into things... i've learnt my lesson. now i just sit back and see how my brat hv grown.

  9. baby jubbs doesn't have an adoring legion of fans on the blogphere like Jessie the gorgeous! So Jessie u take ur time darling ;)

  10. when the 2nd baby comes along, you will stop comparing liao, or until they go to school! :P

  11. my 11 mths old can walk and beat her 2.5 yrs sister...she sure learn her survival skill i wish she doesnt grow up so fast. so...enjoy ur son while he is still a baby. ;)

  12. His mother will kill me first, JoeC!
    The size of his dingdong, Gwen? Now where did that come from!??! :lol:
    Doesn't look like it, Angel. Hah! I guess he's his own boss.
    Hahha, that's a good observation Egghead. I notice all of Mae's friend making light of their kid's achievements. But deep inside, they're probably cheering away.
    Everybody needs a little pressure growing up, Oli! :lol:
    Easy for you to say Husband, since your kid's got one tooth more than my kid! Heh.
    We're all in competition, Silly Pats!
    That's wisdom we all need, Babe.
    Hahhah, thanks for saying that Visithra! :)
    I need a second one quick, Buaya! :lol:
    I know Miche. These days he doesn't let me baby him anymore. *sigh*