Friday, November 11, 2005

Up North

Yesterday Mae, Jesse and I along with Roma packed up and left for a short vacation up north. Actually, it would have made more sense to go during the DeepaRaya break but I wasn't terribly excited with the prospect of travelling with hordes of Malaysian on their Balik Kampong exodus. So here we are, going home a week later.

And since every trip up North is mostly a makan trip thinly disguised as an act of filial piety (*ahaks*), we decided to stop for the night at Ipoh. This was so we could sample a taste of Ipoh's famous Dim Sum. Which is also why I'm up and about so early during a vacation. We had breakfast at 6:30am this morning. We have heard of the legendary Foh San Dim Sum but quite a few Ipoh folks have pointed out that Yoke Fuk Moon was way better. Anyway, expect some photos and reviews will follow when we return. :)

We have the rest of the day to explore Ipoh's culinary delights before we head on up to Taiping. Thanks to the wonder of Wikipedia, we have adequate recommendations [click!] to keep us busy for the rest of the day. All you Ipohans out there, if you're reading this and think you can do better than the Wikipedia, we'd appreciate your recommendation in the comments - ideally with explicit instruction on getting there.

There goes the diet. Oh well.


  1. Oh my..... that is one EXHAUSTIVE list!! Tapau some stuff for me, ok? Then again, me'll be back this Sat too. HOORAY!
    To quote the cheeky wife, "James is on a roll with his blog eh?" LOL

  2. take care and have a wonderful holiday ;)

  3. What about Ipoh's taugeh and chicken rice?

  4. Ehh, I grew up in Ipoh, I know where are the good places to eat but have not the slightest clue the street names nor restaurant names. But this I know, if you're planning to eat banana leaf rice, avoid Anderson High - unless you want to get ripped off. Okay food, but overpriced. But then again, by KL standards...

  5. Sorry for the third post, but heh, I remember Wolley's in CG... used to go there every Sunday after church (otherwise to this quaint Nyoya stall near the Stadium which closed down some ten years ago...). I don't know whether the food is nice there because as a kid, hard to believe, I was more interested in running around.
    Oh, memories. I know where I want to go after STPM...

  6. makan lagi? never ending food quest eh?
    what happened to t-shirt thingy?

  7. Happy holidays..! i can't wait to see what you have in store for us..:)

  8. I'm from Ipoh. You should try the tau hu fa near Foh San. A small stall that always been crowded by people. Hope you will find it.
    If you fancy rojak, you should try the kopitiam opposite Foh San...forgot the name...but there's a rojak store inside the kopitiam...I hope my reply is not too late but seeing the time now, maybe I am. Sorry.

  9. wah... then we should be looking forward for more food reviews lah :P

  10. I was on a roll, Husband, but all that lazing around over the weekend, I guess I'll go back into hibernation.
    Thanks, Babe. It was.
    It was a pretty wonderful holiday, Visithra. Thanks.
    But of course, Rajan. It's wrong to NOT eat Taugeh Chicken.
    T-shirt is still in progress, MOTT!
    Might have to wait awhile, MamaBoK. I'm feeling kinda lazy. Must be all that food we ate. :lol:
    Thanks Jennifer. That's the Funny Mountain taufoofar, and yes, we did have that!
    Coming soon, Egghead.

  11. My dad's friend owns Foh San. So I'm kinda biased that of course it's the best dim sum in the world lol :P