Thursday, November 10, 2005

Old Wives' Tale?

For the last couple of months, Jesse hasn't shown very much interest in the solid foods that we've been giving him. He used to chow down a small bowl of porridge when in the first few weeks that we fed him solids but lately we're lucky if he can manage half a bowl.

Roma says that toddlers do that, especially when they're about to start walking. Apparently, kids have some kind of biological sensor that tells them they should slim down to facilitate an easy start for their first steps.

"Old wives' tale," I dismiss the story, pointing out to Mae that it's a little bit of a stretch. "But that's what Kim's Chinese babysitter told them as well," Mae, too, was perplexed. Thereafter, we heard the same theory in a few other places as well. Which makes me wonder if enough people believe in this, would it make it more true?

Meanwhile, Jesse has gotten quite thin. Yet, he's still not officially walking just yet - just a few occasional steps here and there, which I suspects he makes just to humour us.

If there's any truth to that story, then the boy had better get cracking before he withers away. Already, he's starting to look more and more like those creepy little guys from Mars Attacks!


  1. my son is eating more and more each day leh... you sure they need to slim down??
    I think what you need to do is to distract him with something while continue feeding him :)

  2. never experience this wid my boiboi
    egghead is right, get him some toys to amuse himself but only give one at a time. different ones everyday. not necessary only toys, pencils/crayons and paper, stickers, books, colourful magazines that interest him etc

  3. all the best with the walking jesse!

  4. Then it is true.
    The Martians are here - and they're disguised as cute babies.
    It is as prophesied by Matt Groening, and explained in his seminal work - The Simpsons Halloween Special: Treehouse of Horror IX.
    Repent Y'all, for the End is Near!
    Err. Anyone know how much for a one-way ticket to Tanjung Rambutan?

  5. Tyke No.1 is the same. Mr SlimBusyBody, I call him. As long as he continues to be healthy, it's ok.
    Meanwhile, mebbe you can consider other food alternatives...potatoes(mashed, fried, grilled), oats w honey, bread(toasted w peanut butter/nutella), pasta (kids love all different shapes n sizes of pasta), roti telur (hahahah..greasy alternative..but i love it)
    this must not can??!? the father loves to eat...the son also must follow!!! hahahahah

  6. IMHO, they need to tuck in more since they'll need more energy once they start walking. my boy didn't eat less but he's getting skinner due to all the workout he's doing, he never stops unless he's sleeping

  7. one of my fav movies
    if only someone would give us tix to a gold class screening.....

  8. Never heard of that tale from old wives.. heh!! but my brat still eating baby food.. ALOT..!! recently i started feeding her one meal at least with our food.. but it is a very slow process.. and she sometimes like today did not like the claypot rice i cooked for her. And she had a really hard time chewing the mushrooms.
    But i strongly believe that all in good time.. she will eat our food.
    She loves udon though.. ! can't get enough of it.. most times.. ;)

  9. Hmm...that's the first time I've heard of this theory. Emily didn't stop eating solids before she learnt to walk (at 10.5 months). Rather, she started eating less a few weeks after she started walking...hmmmm...

  10. He's turned quite skinny now, Egghead. *sigh* And no amount of distracting him has helped.
    Unfortunately, the only thing that seems to distract him at meal times is when we let him play with his food. Even so, he doesn't eat it, Babe!
    Thanks Adriene.
    Nah, Sashi, I just think you need a good spanking.
    We're gonna be tweaking his menu a lot until we find something, MOTT!
    I guess he must be quite the handful then, Sue?
    Husband, I promise to give you a Gold Class screening of Mars Attacks when they show it. ;)
    Jesse doesn't seem to like very much, MamaBok. Last night in desperation, I fed him some sauteed garlic and whaddya know, he actually asked for more! *sigh*
    Hmmm, if Jesse continues to starve himself, he'll wither away, Ariel! :)