Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Walking Tall

For the last few months, Mae and I had been wondering when he'd finally let go of our hand and walk off on his own. On Saturday, just out of the blue, he upped and walked about flashing all of his 8 little teeth, smiling at everybody.

Expectedly, we're overjoyed. It's like striking the jackpot. But without the money and the glamour. And the hot chicks trying to score a rich boyfriend. Still, we're euphoric. Heh!

I was out on an appointment in the morning. Mae called me and announced the good news. "Today your son is walking," Mae said proudly, "and all on his own."

I was a bit sore that I had to be out for a meeting. But unfortunately, Daddy's gotta help put food on the table. And as though he understood, when I came home, the boy gave me a little treat. He got up, walked to me and put his arms around me and buried his little face in my neck.


Some things are better than hitting the jackpot. Not many, but they're there.


  1. yeah! Jesse finally made his daddy cried, albeit almost :P
    you never know... Jesse may turn out to be your jackpot in the future :P

  2. Hehehe Mae saw Jesse walking first. Not daddy wor.

  3. awww.. that's just so sweet..
    *hides a sniffle too*

  4. and he knows that he's gotta show you, wowowow, how touching, i juz imagine the scene... liken those milk commercials. cheers!

  5. that priceless moment! it's just so sweet and touching. ^_^

  6. wow... congrats on Jesse's new milestone ^_^

  7. *sniff* .....his next milestone will be ..
    "dad... pass me the car keys"
    but what ever it is, it is a milestone.

  8. *sniff-sniff* such a sweet moment!

  9. aww.. *sniffles* n i bet dat moment's gonna leave u walking a little taller, eh? You go, daddy-o!

  10. awww jesses walking and putting a show ;) awwwww so sweet that kid ;)

  11. congrats.. that's jesse's step forward. don't worry if u have missed this milestone, u've got many more to witness...

  12. muahahahar! time for you to catch jesse when he runs around in a supermarket :D

  13. Yes, yes, Egghead. We're training him to be a jackpot! :lol:
    I know, Che-Cheh. But it's all good.
    What can I say, the boy has a profound effect on me, Hed.
    :lol: Yes, it does feel like one of those milk commercials doesn't it, JoeC!?
    Thanks Adriene.
    It was, I guess, a good compensation for seeing first, Allison.
    Thanks Sue. Hoping for many more to come.
    :lol: It's always the car keys with you isn't it, Leo. You must have loaned your dad's car a lot.
    I'm quite amazed at how the boy knows what makes me tick, Babe.
    Indeed, YP.
    With my head held high, Chun. :)
    The boy's a bit of an entertainer lah, Visithra.
    I look forward to all of it, Geetha. :)
    I'm thinking "leash", Buaya!

  14. Wow!! I remember what it felt like!! Just yesterday my little ,9 1/2 month man took a few steps by himself as well. Yay! But... it's all over now!! We sometimes wish that Kaitlyn, which started walking all by herself @ 9 1/2 months as well, to go back to that age when they would just eat and sleep!
    So enjoy while you still can! Muahahahah

  15. a real "awww" moment...
    quick..another mini james/mae !!!!!! many more "awwwww" moments!

  16. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww jesse walked on his own?? got any kodak moment ah?? if got post it up :) cant wait to be a parent sometime in the near future then i can awwwwww for the first 3 years of my life after tht i can go totally mad :P
    psst : part 2 leh ;) anytime soon ah like m.o.t.t said so we can awww more :D

  17. another "aawwww..." that's sweet. moments like this are priceless.

  18. Wow..! that's cool.. James.. !! and so smart to.. to walk for daddy.. after a hard day's work.. in the office.. :)

  19. :lol: I guess I can understand what you mean, Chiwi. These days the boy refuses to even let me cuddle him like I used to. *sigh*
    I know, MOTT!
    Actually I do have videos, Deepsy. :)
    Indeedy, Annu.
    Thank God for the digital technology we have to record them, King's Wife!
    I bet it was just a fluke though, MamaBok!