Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Mixed Festivities

dei thambi!

For the recent holidays, we decided to give Jesse a little Indian Kurta. He looks like a tiny little Amitabh Bachan minus the facial hair and macho wrinkles.

We would have gotten him a Baju Melayu as well, if he didn't keep tripping over the sampin. So that wouldn't have worked too well. Besides, these days he seemed adversed to having anything placed atop his head and a songkok would have been a problem as well. And so we took the boy visiting in his new outfit. Unfortunately, however, we didn't know anybody who celebrated Deepavali in KL. So he wore a Indian costume for Hari Raya instead.

And then there was Roma. Mae and I had decided it would be a nice gesture to give her a new outfit for the Hari Raya and so we brought her Baju Kurung shopping around town. Unfortunately, the picky girl couldn't decide on an outfit and instead settled for a Chinese number. So there we were at Elin's house during Raya lending a very muhibbah flavour to the event.

It looked more like we had our festivals mixed up. Perhaps we'll dress the boy up in Iban gear next year. :)


  1. Jesse's so cute! With all his teeth showing.. :D

  2. ceh, thambi jesse manyak hensem ler! time to teach him to sing and dance around trees. watch out hrithik! :)

  3. i sure missed those years when my wife and i dress-up my lil gals like dolly, every sunday for church.

  4. Your boy is just sooo very adorable!! :)

  5. yikes! thanks for that! just reminded me that my kid has a kurta hanging around in his closet!
    and jesse is the MAN! how can any woman resist him? ;-)

  6. ya! jesse look so cute in his little indian kurta. good for you, james... so young, already teach him muhibbah. :)

  7. you've got one cute son ler james , heheheh seriously he looks like abishek bachan (amitabh bachans son) ure lil jesse cud very well be a bollywood hearthrob.........hhehehe he will deff break alot hearts in kindergarden :P

  8. That is one helluva cute outfit on a very cute boy!!

  9. He's sooooooooo cute!! reminds me of my little nephew~!!! hahaha..looking fwd to see him in Iban outfit.. never really know what it looks like.. although am one quater Iban.. =))

  10. I spy with my 4 sharp eyes, childproof cabinets. *grins*

  11. wat a cool outfit for jesse and hey roma looked cutesy too.

  12. Awwww he looks soooooooooooooo cute ;p so can i go dancing around trees with Jesse bachan? ;p

  13. Yup, the kid is cute. Must have gotten the looks from his mother. :lol:

  14. wow.. jesse looks soooooo sooooo adorable~

  15. i like the dei thambi picture!

  16. All eight of them, Norzu. :lol:
    Hahhhaaa,, too bad KL not enough trees to dance around, Buaya!
    I guess once they grow up they'll never let you dictate their fashion, eh Li? :)
    Thanks for saying so, Pelf! :)
    Unfortunately, MOTT, Jesse usually has a sullen disposition towards strangers. So, that's how women can resist him. Hahh.
    Oh, he's a pretty muhibbah kid, Lucia. In fact, we notice that he tends to gravitate towards Indian folks. Must be why he's quite welcomed at the Indian restaurants. :lol:
    Little girl killer, eh, Deepsy? :lol:
    Thanks, Primrose. Takes after Daddy. *ahaks*
    We're trying to get him some more cutesy stuff before he stops being cute, Gina.
    There isn't much to an Iban costume, Angel. Literally.
    Aha, very sharp four eyes you have, Percolator!
    Hahah, yes, Roma should be quite a hit too, Babe.
    You can certainly try, Visithra. :)
    Go away, Sashi! *dush*
    Thanks Chia!
    Mommy took that one, Adriene. :)

  17. comelnyer your son!. Looks great in the indian kurta.

  18. my god ... so cute man :D kekeke

  19. he can walk adi?!! 0_0
    ...time passes too fast, james. we're all growing old. my back is aching as well;(
    But let the new generation grow heh??
    love jesse!!! and roma looks good in the chinese dress!