Monday, June 14, 2004

14 Days

Today, my church DUMC is doing a 14-day fast & pray thingy. Basically, we're invited to fast and come to church at 5:30am to pray together. Mae and I have decided to join in the... erm... fun. However, we're still uncertain if we'll get to church at 5:30am. We didn't make it today.

Mae will not be fasting much since Baby's gonna need food throughout the day. I on the other hand, will attempt to fast a little more - maybe just water. Or perhaps no food from sunrise to sunset. God knows I could use a lot less food! *ahem*

But hey it's not all about eating less. We will be making a conscious effort to pray a little more. And without the encumbrances of eating, we just might pray more earnestly.

We'll be praying mostly for our little family. That Baby will have a safe and uneventful birth. That Mae will have a safe delivery. And yes, we'll be praying for a miracle that suddenly turns us into really great parents. Lo and behold, great parents!!! :)

Anyway for the next 14 days, in the spirit of this Fast & Pray thing I'll be giving you little glimpses of my own spiritual life - in 14 short little entries.

Weird Adventures With God. A 14-episode miniseries. In full colour.


  1. 5.30am is too early man... *yawn... drooool...*

  2. Way to go! I'm with you in spirit. While you fast, I shall feast. Lest all the food go to waste. Looking forward to the mini-series. ;)

  3. I thought of going for at least one day. But, this morning I didn't sleep until 6am. Managed to catch 3 hours zzz before getting up and preparing to go to work. I wasn't sure I wanted to try staying up 40 hours straight... I'd have to prop my eyelashes open with toothpicks!
    5:30am... boy, is that a commitment or what? ;)

  4. It is, kev! And everything seems surreal at 5:30!! :)
    Well, fly, if you were here with me in spirit I'll knock your spirit in the head. That's for taunting me! :lol:
    It sure is, Irene! And these rickety old bones don't seem to cooperate nowadays!

  5. Uhm.. there is going to be a free makan this Sunday at my friend's pet shop official opening. Mae is coming. So I hope you keep to your word and don't pig out. By the way, it is going to be nyonya style.

  6. What a coincidence, Gina. On that day I'll only be fasting dinner. :lol: