Tuesday, June 8, 2004


now here's a happy meal!

On Sunday, Mae and I decided to treat ourselves to a little change of pace and environment. We ended up in Coliseum Cafe & Hotel in downtown KL. If you have ever heard of Coliseum, the you would know that its steak is legendary.

Coliseum was established in 1921. In its heyday, it was a popular hangout amongst the English officers. Today, pretty much everything in the place is as it was way back then. The architecture looks unchanged. The furniture looks like they're original. Heck, even the waiters look like they're the original line-up!! Heh! You'll see some of the oldest waiters here.

Mae and I have ourselves a sizzling steak fillet each. These come with a serving of mixed salad, chips and broccoli. They used to serve every meal with a thick slice of Coliseum's famous bread and their excellent creamy butter. But thanks to the years of rave reviews by food columnists, the bread is no longer free. Yes kids, you want bread, you pay!

We had one soup, two steak meals, a set of Coliseum's bread and a Pancake with Ice-Cream for dessert. All for RM 98.00 which is worth every penny. The meal was perfect, Mae and I agree unanimously. Mae finished her whole meal, which is as good a testimony as any. She blames it on Baby, of course! We've had steak at every reputable steak restaurant in KL and I must say, Coliseum is king! We decide there and then that this will be a monthly affair for us. :)

One of the beauty of Coliseum is surely its lack of pretension. Monogrammed plates hint at Coliseum's glory days of English sensibilities. Yes, this might have been a classy joint once upon a time. And yet within Coliseum's decaying, rustic decor you'll find the least... erm... refined staff in KL today. Order quick or the guy gets impatient. Meals are plonked quite unceremoniously before you. And everybody shouts! Strangely, it's all disturbingly delightful.

So, go to the Coliseum. Let your hair down and eat with the table manners of a pig. No one will care. Everybody's here for the food.


  1. wow...sounds good James...my grandparents used to hang out there during its heydays...my parents too...now i guess its my turn to hang out with my bf there :P

  2. yummy yum yum!~ :P
    heard all about it from my coursemate but never been there before!~..gosh that steak looks so yummy!~

  3. The food looks sooooo goooood.
    How do you get your photos to look like that with the cool popup background thing?
    By the way I've changed my blog address please update it... thanks! Keep up the great blog!

  4. Glad you and Mae enjoyed the steak. SO NOW I know WHAT to order in my next vist (if I'm willing to) :) Cos the first time we went was 2 years back on my mum's birthday. The food were basically cold and tastelss. We ordered chops etc. as we assume that due to its popularity and endless review in MOST of the 'makan-makan' show as well as mag, their other not-so-famous dish will be as equally tasteful, BUT heck we were so wrong bout it. That was the first and the last we dine there. BUT I DO LOVE the ambience, it's cosy and dimly lit which is a very romantic diner for couple. 8)

  5. i've been to Coliseum once with my bf! food portions were HUGE!

  6. Been in KL for so long but have yet to try Coliseum!!! Think i'll make my way there this weekend... :) James, you paying?

  7. I love the food here as well. but it's the traffic that kills me!

  8. It's high time I pay a visit there - heard about it for quite a while now. Thanks for the nice review and pics, James!

  9. I'm sure you get better steak there, Jasmine! :)
    Good on you, Cherry. 3 generations of Coliseum eaters. Wow! Now THAT'S a legacy!
    Wait till you bite into it, glinar! I was almost tempted to ask for a spoon to finish up their delicious brown sauce!! :lol:
    Thanks, Jess. I use Photoshop to add on a white frame. And I put in a drop shadow to make the shot "pop-out"!
    I'm not sure about the other items on their menu, Waiye. I just never got past their Sizzling Steak. :lol:
    Yes Olivia. The steak is not all that big, but with all the garnish and side dishes it does get quite filling.
    Nice try, kev. :)
    What's a little traffic when you get to have food that good, mdmafia? Besides, you mom loves the place, no?
    Yes Ariel, go already. Will take you there for a free steak meal! ;)

  10. I always eat there with my mother when we're in that part of town! Good food and affordable prices... and I love the rustic homey feel of the whole place. My only complaint is, my clothes always smell so smoky after a meal there. Too many people eat their sizzling steaks! *evil eye at James* :lol:

  11. ariel so lucky...james...i am also feel hungery now...when want take me out to eat for a free steak meal?

  12. Yes Sara, that was me! :) But hey, it's so cute that you go with your mom!
    Uh-oh, phoenix. I think I better rephrase myself: Ariel, for a free steak meal, I will take you there. :)

  13. I was there once but I can't remember what I ate. Liked the ambience, though. Mdmafia is right, the traffic kills me!

  14. Oh we get just as equally bad steaks here too :P Goes both ways.

  15. Awww... And I was just about to sing praises of your generosity and kindness to all and sundry, too :(

  16. Been there a number of times, sometimes with mom, sometimes with my grandad, couple of time with family or friends. Good food, good dining experience. :)
    Hey, did that chinese guy with mini afro sort of hairstyle and witty humour serve you?. There is another indian chap with afro hairstyle. :lol:

  17. Nahlah, Irene. The traffic's improved a lot!!
    There are no bad steaks, Jasmine. Only bad chefs. :lol:
    Hey Ariel, it's not that bad what. You get a free ride and great company. *Ahaks*
    The indian guy is still there, KA. Except that his afro is now all white! :lol:

  18. ya...ya...ya... A "free" car ride that costs a steak meal, y'mean. No thanks, I rather have a meal with Mae and you in SS2 like we did before. Easier on our pockets ;)