Thursday, June 17, 2004

Divine Interjections: 04

Mae and I like to pray for Baby, you know, to bless the little guy so that he'll have a good start in life. Thank God for Mae, Baby gets a regular dose of blessing everyday. Me, I'm just not as consistent as I'd like to be. :(

Anyway, in my prayers (whenever I get round to it) I ask God to bless Baby with love. With all earnestness I ask of God, "May Baby find love wherever he goes."

Suddenly the earth trembles beneath my feet. Thunder and lightning crackle and crash as a raging tempest fills the sky. Dark clouds part in the heavens revealing a flash of blinding light. And then a loud voice booms across the whole earth. "HEAR MY WORDS!! DON'T BUY SQUEAKY SHOES. NOBODY LOVES A KID WITH SQUEAKY SHOES." God had spoken.

But seriously, I do pray that Baby finds love everywhere he goes. It's like a catch-all, cover-all-bases kind of request. Now I won't have to worry about Baby every finding the girl of his dreams someday, when he grows up. They'll be lining up for him. *ahem*

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return. Okay. I ripped that off from Moulin Rouge. I don't think I could have said it better. Love is the remedy for loneliness.

But that said, as far as I'm concerned, the only way Baby will ever find love is simply to be lovable. It would be tragic if Baby turned out to be a boorish, arrogant, cruel, insufferable little snot. So we pray that Baby will have a heart of compassion, love and joy. We pray that he will be kind. And polite. And obedient. We pray that Baby will have a great sense of humour (cos it's easier to love a funny guy)! And we pray that Baby will discover God's love for that is the greatest love of all. And with God's love Baby will, in turn, learn to love.

May Baby find love wherever he goes. Even if he goes in squeaky shoes.


  1. u know why they buy squeaky shoes, right?
    so that the parents can keep track of the kids, in case they went out of sight or get caught up in something for a while.

  2. i thought it just to bug the hell out of single people...:lol:

  3. Mum always said they squeaked if they weren't paid for and that still bugs me at 42 when I get a squeaky pair - but I have paid !!!

  4. God was right about 'em squeaky shoes.
    But as ryuu said, it serves a purpose and its better than those baby leash-es. my gawd, whats up with that!

  5. squeaky shoes are cute.. until those little angels start running and jumping in em.. *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *plop*

  6. Sure thing, ryuu. But I don't think it's very effective anymore since a whole bunch of other kids have em too! How would you know which one is your kid? :)
    Methinks you have a point there, Sashi. :lol:
    Hahah!! You betcha DB. Thing is people now actually pay for that little "squeaker" think inside the shoe.
    Hahahahaha Sarah! And I was just contemplating the leash thing. :lol:
    They start off cute, Natasha. But it gets tired very quickly. Hehhh!

  7. Baby will be as pretty as mom and as humorous as dad.

  8. squeky shoes? someone migrated them squeky shoes into 'roller' shoes. now, you get annoying kids running around and 'rolling' on...

  9. Squeeky shoes? What about those bells around the ankles sort of thing. aaaaaahhhh... drives me crazy too. I don't think baby can turn out bad with you and Mae as parents!

  10. after reading your post from january up till the recent post, i can't help it but to blogroll you into my blogrolling.
    I laughed and cried tears of laughter when i read about your journey into the world of parenthood.
    Oooh yeah, just out of curiosity, is the DUMC you mentioned, the Dumc at Taman Mayang, the old Ruby Cinema ? A bit curious, since i attend service at that place once in awhile

  11. Gina, what id Baby turns out with mommy's humour and daddy's beauty... waahahahaha!!
    Thanks for the link Dustyhawk. Will link you right back soon. :) And yes, that's the DUMC!
    Actually Sir7, I wouldn't mind having one of those myself. I hear they make em in adult sizes now!! :lol:
    Thanks Jess. Methinks the bell is so that babies don't sneak up on their parents unannounce. *ahem* :lol:

  12. quote :: Actually Sir7, I wouldn't mind having one of those myself. I hear they make em in adult sizes now!! ::
    some how i wonder if you need that so that, Mae can locate you easily ... :S

  13. I will pray hard to your GOD, THAT wouldn't happen. (even if i am a pagan)