Saturday, June 26, 2004

Divine Interjections: 13

It was gonna be a pretty wedding. The beautiful bride in romantic white gown and a flowing veil. The dashing (ahem) groom in a classic 3-piece black suit. Pretty little flower girls, an adorable little page-boy, beautiful flower arrangements, candles, family and friends, and a wedding in a garden under a big acacia tree.

That was the day we got married back in 2002. That was the day it rained on our parade. Literally.

The garden was all set. The flowers and the deco up. The show was to start at 5. And at 4 it rained. It rained like never before. It rained cats and dogs. And it rained for seven months.

For seven months we were disappointed. We had prayed for good weather. We prayed that God would hold back the rain for our big day. And for weeks it didn't rain. It rained on our wedding day. 10 months of planning washed away in the rain. God was mocking us. And we were angry at God.

We were so angry, we saw only rain. We didn't see our friends scrambling to take our flowers indoor. We didn't see our friends braving the rain to save our deco. We didn't see our family launching into plan B to save our wedding. We didn't see our guest enduring the discomfort just to give us moral support.

It took us seven months to make peace with God. I took us seven months to learn that the marriage was more important than the wedding. Seven months to realised that we had some real good family and friends. I'm sure a few of them might have been laughing behind our backs, "Serves you right, stupids!" but after seven months we could see only good. :)

God gave us rain on our wedding. But thanks to the same God, it's been sun-shiny ever since.


  1. Your words speak a lot of depth about the way us humans think. For everytime trouble arises we blame and blame and blame,but during those troubled times..we fail to see and ponder upon the effects that comes after those troubled times.
    There was once this wise sage that said "God will make your days as miserable as hell,for when you persevere...the days on heaven and the glory of God will be upon you."

  2. Time to put in the Alanis CD again... Funny how some good things do happen right in front of us, and we fail to see or appreciate it.

  3. He does not always give us what we prayed for but you can be sure He will give us what is best. God bless.

  4. beautiful. we often fail to see through the stones and snakes. if we did, we would've discovered bread and fishes - blessings from above.

  5. Hmm. I like the sound of that, Leo. :)
    We live and we learn, Strizzt. :)
    Peter, people say that God can turn the worst things into great stuff. I think I'd agree.
    Well said, Jack. Thanks.