Monday, June 28, 2004

One For The Road

We're thinking of another holiday. I know, I know, Mae and I were in Taiping not long ago. And then we went to Hanoi. But as D-Day (D for delivery, okay) approaches, Mae's been wistfully longing for one last holiday. We're both gonna be homebound for quite a bit when Baby arrives so if we're ever to go anywhere, it's now or never.

We agreed that it would be a short trip. Somewhere near, say 1 - 2 hours from KL. A nice small town would be a great change of pace for us. But it has to be near. Any further might be too big a risk. What if Baby decides to come out early while we're on the road?

"You could always deliver him, couldn't you?" Mae suggests, adamant about going away. There's no talking to this woman once her mind is made up.

And what? Rinse off Baby with our bottle of Mineral Water? Gnaw off the blood soaked umbilical cord with my teeth? Hahahha!!! As cool as that would be, I think I'l pass. :)

Anyone's got any suggestions? Nice, small town. With a clean hotel, ideally 3-star or thereabouts. And good food, which is a must! Anyone? If we take your suggestion, we'll name our firstborn after you.

I'm kidding. Hahahhahah! Mae will kill me. We won't name Baby after you, but you will have all our eternal gratitude. And that is always a good thing, no?


  1. i've always loved melaka, food, food and food oh yes... and the pretty sights
    or kuala selangor to see the bugs and seafood dinners

  2. how about going down to port dickson,and walking along the beach ? i love beaches.

  3. There is also Janda Baik, if you like the river. I don't know much about food there though.
    Oh, I just thot of Putrajaya. You could go on the lake cruise but it might be expensive to stay at hotels there... but you never know

  4. Read my blog for the chocolate factory, PM's house, Buddha jump over the wall, orchid farm, sheep yard. Hehe. It only costs RM118/- and it is on the house.
    Naah.. I don't think you wanna name your son, Gynah.

  5. pangkor! a nice place to cool off with a cocktail :)
    it is quiet... and the air is soo fresh! and at night, the shore sparkles and illuminates with the small little sea creatures. i have yet to fnd out what those sparkly things are.. but it is soooo romantic :D

  6. Would recommend Selesa Hillhomes, Bukit Tinggi, or D'Ark Resort (Janda Baik) as they are all located quite nearby to each other. Nice, peaceful and scenic places, and not far from KL.

  7. Janda Baik?? got Janda Buruk/Jahat?? hehehe
    Well, i'll say MELAKA!! it's a nice place and good food! CENDOL! CHICKEN RICE! YAY! =)

  8. *reads the final line in Gina's comment*
    *falls off the chair and dies of laughter*

  9. Go where there're a lot of taxi drivers. If there's one thing Hollwood movies has taught me, it's that taxi drivers are very capable of delivering babies! :lol:

  10. try fraser hill.. fresh clean air.. good for the baby..

  11. Actually, Kuala Selangor sounds like fun, Chi. But I'm just afraid that with Mae's very pregnant condition, they may not wanna take her in the boat for the fireflies boat ride. :o(
    We wouldn't mind PD actually, Leo. But we've been there so many times.
    Janda Baik sounds interesting, Norzu. Will research that a little.
    No, I don't wanna name my son Gynah. Huahahahha!!! :lol:
    Might be a little far, though, Natasha. BTW, those sparkling things are the ones that give you the itch when you sit on a beach. Hehheh!! I'm kidding!
    Good suggestions, Ariel. We we're considering Bukit Tinggi. :)
    Yeah Glinar - the food in Melaka is always a bonus!
    :lol: Sashi!!! I agree. Must be something they learn in Taxi School.
    Hmm... Fraser might be worth considering, Nurul. Never been there! :)
    Thanks a bunch guys!

  12. Ipoh. Food is awesome. Cheap accommodation. And very restful. My stress level comes down automatically once I step into Ipoh.

  13. Bukit Tinggi is a good place but hotel = $$$$, i think Janda Baik is a good choice..

  14. Mei, the only problem with Ipoh is that Mae and I only know how to get to Lou Wong Ngar Choy Kai!! Hehheh! That's all we eat everytime we're in Ipoh.
    Thanks for the warning, Seli! :)

  15. SEREMBAN wei! can eat at my mama's place. say my name and you get free food! ahaks!

  16. WooOooOo Hani~ home cooked food!! :) But it won't be as fun unless you're cooking. Bwahahahah!

  17. how about cameron highlands? fantastic fresh air. gorgeous mossy forest.
    in ipoh, there's also the old town ipoh kai see hor fun.
    take care!

  18. Hey Adriene, whatever happened to your blog?