Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Divine Interjections: 02

Looking back at my last entry, somehow Weird Adventures lack a certain finesse. So I'm calling it Divine Interjections from now on. Yes, as a producer of the miniseries, I get to call these shots. Okay. Moving along...

I grew up with mom and her parents. We weren't terribly religious. On the other hand, my father's side of the family were. Now here was a bunch of guys who'd try anything once. We're pretty crazy that way. But then again, craziness is our birthright - we are after all, Hainanese. Hehhehh!

Dad's side of the family is a melting pot of religion and rituals. We've got the Taoists. The Buddhists are there too. We have a couple of Muslims. A Christian. And some of these guys had been around the block - religiously speaking, of course! They've tried a little Hinduism, some Shintoism and even a little Mahikari.

Somewhere in the mid-80s when Mahikari was all the rage, I dropped by my paternal Granny's for a visit.

My auntie took one look at me and said, "Do you know why you're so dark?"

By Chinese standards, I have very tanned skinned. I look nothing like a Chinese. In fact, time and time again I have been mistaken for a Malay. When I was in the Phillipines, they thought I was Cabayan. In Thailand, I'm Thai. So as you can imagine, I looked quite different from most of the family. If it weren't for the fact that I was a carbon-copy of Dad someone might have thought that Mom's had been up to no good!

"You're dark because you're full of evil inside."

I admit, I'm no angel. But surely I'm not so bad that I'm full of evil inside, am I? Hahahhahah!!! So, Aunty put her hand over my forehead and read a Mahikari chant. "See, you're glowing already," she said in a sage-like tone. "I just cleansed you."

She didn't stick with Mahikari for long. Didn't say why but still...Phew!


  1. james..awww...no, ofcos ur not full of evil inside..

  2. hainanese? as in hainanese chicken rice? *snicker* sorry, :) couldn't resist.

  3. o0o0o..multi nationality. isn't that good? then you won't be slaugthered when u go travelling ;)
    and besides...you're the chicken rice man?

  4. :lol:, phoenix!!
    Yes, Jasmine. As Hainanese as Chicken Rice. You won't believe how close you hit home with that one. You'll see, in a future entry. :)
    Nah, glinar they slaughter me anyway. I look like a sucker. :lol: