Friday, June 25, 2004

Divine Interjections: 12

It just occured to me when Baby gets born, he won't have a religion.

Whoa. Information overload. How weird is that?

When Baby is born, he will be without a religion. I've never thought of it that way before. I don't know why. It's strange, but I always assumed that Baby will be Christian. But the truth is, he won't be.

We'll take Baby for prayers. We'll try to bring him up with whatever values we gather from the Good Book. But ultimately, Baby will have to make that choice on his own - whether to be a Christian or otherwise. It will be one of the most important decision in his life and unfortunately, one which we cannot make for him. It feels strange in a surreal kind of way, that we have no part in this part of his life.

It is Baby's birthright to worship God. But whether or not he chooses to, has got to come from him when he is able (read: mature enough) to make a conscious decision. Otherwise it would be without meaning.

Man, what a burden that must be. Mae and I can only pray that he does well.

Choose well, my son. *ahem* I always wanted to say that!


  1. Interesting blog... I kinda forgot how I stumbled upon it... but i can truely say... you're an interesting writer..:D... Heh heh... Home movie...? are you into doing short films?

  2. Aiks.. sorry... miscommunication... Hahahaha... Missed your last post in Divine Interjections 10... Anyways... nice to meet you.... alvin here..:)

  3. i am a buddhist but i seldom do the things buddhist do. i am freethinker at the moment. i don't have a religion. but yea, let the kid decide. he can always come look for uncle kevin. hehe.

  4. I'm glad you're willing to give your son that choice. The more I read your blog, the more I'm convinced you're going to make an excellent father. :)

  5. James not sure what faith you follow (maybe non denominational) but many have baptism. This does not alter the fact that as an adult baby will be making his own choice but it means that you have established his relationship with God.
    Something to think about..

  6. Thanks for dropping by, Alvin. :)
    Uncle Kevin eh? Uncles have to buy gifts, you know? :lol:
    Sashi, much as I'd like to take that as my prowess as a parent, I really can't. Even if I were to pronounce Baby as a Christian, it can only count when he himself understands and embrace God for himself.
    Yes DB, many do. We will bring Baby for blessings to present him to God, to establish that relationship. We will even try to bring him up as a Christian. But in the end, he will have to make that choice whether or not to say the sinner's prayer, to be baptised, and to accept Jesus on his own free will.