Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Got Milk?

"Honey, I have something you should read. Hurry!!" Mae was bursting at the seams to share her latest discovery. She had been reading a pregnancy book.

Apparently, towards the advanced stages of pregnancy it's not a good idea to simulate a baby suckling. You'll have to forgive me for that clumsy sentence structure. It's not often that I need to describe such a thing. But I think, essentially it means that a heavily pregnant woman (or her partner) should refrain from squeezing, pulling or heck, even sucking at her nipples.

This sends a "baby-needs-milk" signal to her brain, which in turns send a command to her breasts to produce milk. Subsequently, that sends a signal to her body which basically tells her, where there's milk, there's gotta be a baby. And before you know it, contractions begin and she gives birth, whether or not the baby's ready. Premature birth. Wow! I had no idea!!!

Looks like we'll have to take the necessary precautions. *ahem*

In other news a good friend Pip, and his wife Estella (not their real names) are expecting their firstborn today. I distinctly remember him say she was due end July. Hmm. Looks like a premature birth. But hey, let's not even speculate why. Hhehhehhh!!!

Judging from the comments, I'm inclined to think that most of don't believe this post! You must think I'm a perv with an overactive imagination. Thankfully, I managed to find something on the net that corroborates with my writing. Go here to set your mind at ease. It says, and I quote "Nipple stimulation in pregnancy can cause uterine contractions and could induce labor". I may be a perv, but I sure wasn't imagining this. Hehhehhehh!!!


  1. thank you so much for the comic strip ...My friend and i are remembering the good old days with that strip :)

  2. quick pit stop :
    click on my blog. naked coffee session this saturday! coming? ;)

  3. The things that go through your mind...

  4. Gimme another one, Loopy Meals!! This is really loopy...
    You are an amateur at all this baby-stuff right?!!
    What a fun journey it is ending up to be, eh?!!
    (PS Tell your doc about this theory!!!)
    (PPS It is apparently normal for some pregnant mothers to lactate ever so slightly-)

  5. You're welcome, Leo.
    *piak* kev for shamelessly plugging his cool life here!
    I swear I did not make that up, mdmafia!!
    You're right SB. This would be our first, and yeah it's fun. And no, I dare not tell my doc. Scared kena marah... :lol:

  6. hehe... okok we'll go for a private naked session with people of your choice. wait that doesn't sound right.

  7. muahahah...this is very informative..but how true aR?..hehe..

  8. Hmm... Pip and Estella, must have been a great expectation?

  9. :lol: kev, kev!!
    Hahhahh!! *piak* natasha for even suggesting that!
    OMG, you must think I'm making this up, Glinar! It's true!
    Indeedy! Clever, clever Fly. :)

  10. [clears throat and pushes glasses further up on nose]
    You're right, James - the hormone is called oxytocin and is released by reflex. The purpose if it seems to be to help contract the [tries to remember the word] womb(?) again after delivery.

  11. I thnk the brain getting the wrong signal and the breast producing milk pre-maturely is true. But the premature birth part, i m not sure. And no, it is not from my xperience.
    Sucking on her nipple when she is heavily pregnant? I don't thnk so, her nipple will be sore. Not even touching it. ;)

  12. Damn. So you can't do *anything* with your wife? Aiyo.

  13. yalar, no OT lar. go vegetarian lor

  14. james: i didn't think that yea making this up. :)
    there's just too many questions in my head abt pregnancy i guess..hehehe..i'll skip the questioning for now...leave it till it's my turn..ehehe..which won't be so soon..so hmmm...nothing to worry ...ehhehe :)

  15. Thanks for the info, Flip. You a doctor or something?
    Vegetarian eh, Papi. *sigh* I've always been a meat and potatoes guy! :)
    YourMotherYourFatherAndMe: What a name!!! That's the sacrifice you have to make to make daddy! :lol:
    Yeah Glinar, your turn shall come. Hehheh!

  16. So let me get this straight: If you want the baby to come out, you, err, stimulate the nipples. So you know what to do if baby is late, eh James? :lol:

  17. Hahahahahahah!!!!! You crack me up, Sashi!