Wednesday, June 9, 2004


One of the most effective painkillers for childbirth is an Epidural. Essentially, it's an anaesthetic that is administered via a plastic tube that is inserted into the spinal column. Ouch! I'm thinking that can't be a lot of fun. But it helps a lot, so we're told.

But there are the risks. If the Anaesthetist screws up, Mae could end up with a life-long backache. And if he screws up big time, it could mean paralysis. The whole prospect of that happening, scares me. Paralysis. Even the word has a creepy tone.

Everybody tells us that probability of any complications happening is very low. The statistics say so. Doctors say so. "Every medical procedure has its risks," they say. Still, none of these offer me any comfort whatsoever.

Watching that stomach churning video (see previous post) had its effect on us. It didn't help Mae prepare for the pain any better. In fact, it freaked her out so much that she's convinced she wants an epidural. "I don't care. I want an epidural. I want an epidural," she was almost hysterical.

I snapped at her. "Stop that!"

I would never deny her anything that would alleviate her pain. Never. But the fact that someone might screw up the epidural scares me to death. "Honey, I'm not saying no but I just want you to give this thing the consideration it deserves."

The fact is, this really isn't my decision to make. I don't get to call the shots here simply because I will not be the one suffering. And if Mae should ever go into labour and she's kicking and screaming, she will have anything she wants, so help me God. Anything. Even the epidural.

I just pray she doesn't scream, "I want a Rolex!"


  1. when the time comes, you have to listen to what she wants. she'll tell you exactly what she needs. and you will do anything to help ease her pain. even if it means breaking all your fingers.....:)
    (i almost did that to my husband, twice!)

  2. chOpine:*ouch* breaking fingers?
    james: i don't think she'll have time to think of a Rolex leR..hahaha

  3. A friend of mine just gave birth to her son yesterday - a hefty 3.5 kg boy. She had an epidural too, and she later said she saw "asterisks"! I think see means stars, but then, what would I know :)

  4. Dude, it's her know how the rhyme goes.
    As for the colleague just gave birth and had one. No side effects. The chances are pretty small something wrong would happen. But there are horror stories of women with perennial, chronic back ache.
    It's up to Mae to decide whether she can cope with the pain or not.
    And, uh, chOpine...I think they have bed rails now to save husbands' fingers! ;-)

  5. Actually husbands' fingers are much much more better than bed rails. When you see your husband wincing with you minimizes the pain somewhat. :D

  6. i find this entry very very kinky. don't ask. bad james! *spank*

  7. james..i dont want the epidural but i want the rolex!!!!!! :lol: ;)

  8. When my sister had her baby...the doctor advised her to have an epidural because of the position the baby was was in bridge position and it was really like thousand times more than normal positions...but my sister declined it anyway..she said she wanted to feel what it was like to give birth to her child the normal way...and she trusted in God that everything will go well...
    So, in Him. Everything will turn out just fine. Pray that He will keep Baby and Mae well :)

  9. *Mae squeezes James's hand until it turns blue and his eyes almost getting detached of his sockets*
    Mae : you made me like this!!! i love you but now i wanna u gonna suffer with me!!!!
    James : aaaaaccccckkkkkkkkk!!!!
    Mae : i want Epiduraaaalll!!!!!!
    *Mae squeezes fingers harder* *squeek*
    James : doc!!! I NEEEDD AN EPIDURRAAALLL!!!!!

  10. I dunno- you have to experience it in order to figure it out. My body seeemed to do a good job in 'numbing' itself anyhow. When you look at a birth video, all you focus on is the last gory bit and that is actually the easiest bit. The hardest bit for me was to keep my focus and concentration while the cervix dilated- the endless hours of contractions!

  11. Argh! Not the fingers, ch0pine!! :lol:
    She's got a cute baby, Sashi!! :)
    I'm counting on it, glinar!!
    My point exactly, Zsarina. It's her body, so it's not really my choice anymore.
    That didn't comfort me one bit, Nudgewa!!! :lol:
    Bad kev! Go to your room. :lol:
    You better find a rich hubby, phoenix!
    Yup Cherry, looks like our only salvation is prayer. Hehhhehh!!
    :lol: Natasha, you should be writing sitcoms!!
    Yeah, SB. I hear the 1 stage of labour is the worst. A friend had to endure 12 hours of it before her baby decided to come out.

  12. zsarina: i know that now we have bed rails but somehow, in the chaos of giving birth, the rails dissapeared to give way for my legs to open wide. therefore, the fingers will have to suffer.
    nudgewa: yup, you are absolutely right.
    by the way james, don't worry too much. all those horror stories/events will dissapear as soon as you see your baby.

  13. chOpine: Never mind...the pain he felt was only a fraction of what you were going through!
    James - take note!!!