Thursday, June 24, 2004

Divine Interjections: 10

As I was on my way to becoming a full-fledged, bona fide Christian, I was told that one of the things required of us was that we had to go out and spread the gospel and tell people of the love of God. Ackkk!!! I was mortified! What a nerdy thing to do.

But these days, I actually do feel like doing just that. No, it doesn't mean I'm gonna grab a bible and come knocking at anyone's door anytime. But if anyone were to come up to me and say, "Hey, tell me about this whole Jesus thing," I'd be most happy to oblige.

But beyond that, I also think that it'd be nice to spread a little love out there.

Recently, a cell group (the church kind - you can never be too sure!) that I go to, has decided that we'd do just that - spread a little love. We'd be visiting an orphanage. But here's where it get's really cool. We're gonna be bringing these poor kids a cinematic experience; we're bringing a cinema into their home!!

Big screen projection. Surround sound. Soft drinks. Something to munch. And Spiderman!!! Woohoo!

A lot of these kids have never ever been to the cinema. And we think that this would be a really nice treat for them. There are about 60 of them, aged mostly between 12 - 17 years old. Sure we could donate clothes, food and toiletries, but we believe that something like this could really be wonderful for the kids. At least for a couple of hours we could whisk them off to life they have never had.

We're not gonna get preachy. And we're not gonna be shoving the bible down anyone's throat. We're just gonna spread a little love and joy around the place. And we're gonna tell them that God made us do it. :) But yes, we're also gonna be bringing some clothes, food and toiletries. Too bad we couldn't figure out how to get them some popcorn. Still, I think the kids will love it.

Am I the love machine or what? :)


  1. haha.. i like the colours !!
    I actually smiled when the page finally loaded.
    I bet you got that warm fuzzy feeling inside you now...

  2. hi james! unrelated to the post, but i noticed that the topmost link in the Lastest Entries category in the sidebar is not clickable. the error i believe is an absent quotation mark (") following [class="navlinks] in the code. cheers dude! :)

  3. Dude! U can get them microwavable pop corn. They have them in most super markets now. I'm sure ur local tops or Cold Storage will carry them. Damn easy to make, add some butter and pop away for 5 minutes =)
    Thats rite, the lean mean lurrve machine =)

  4. Sounds like a great idea :) Especially the "not shove the bible down their throats" part - shows respect. Wish you the best!

  5. i know a family going to your church. their names are uncle ting see lok and auntie ophelia. not sure whether phoebe or joshua are around. if you know them, do say hi to them for me.

  6. I think all religions are the same. They preach about love towards others, respecting parents, merciful towards animals, etc etc.
    You don't have to be Christians to show love.

  7. Glad you like it, Keat! :) And yes, I'm always warm and fuzzy inside. Ehehhheheh!!
    Thanks, Sashi. I needed that.
    Not too practical annu, since we'll be feeding 60 kids. It'll take too long to do unless we give em cold popcorn. :o(
    Sometimes we do get a little over-zealous, Flip. Do forgive us. :)
    What a small world Wena. I do know See Lok and Ophelia, though I'm not sure if they remember me.
    If you say so, Gina. :) Now hurry and learn something! :lol:

  8. That's an awesome thing to do James!

  9. Oh, it wasn't a dig at you, James. We all get a little over-zealous from time to time :)
    And Gina, you're right when you say you don't have to be a Christian to show love, but Christianity is not a moral philosophy, it's a religion and although its practicers preach love, respect and tolerance (well, most of them do, anyway) the fundamental message is that God sacrificed everything for you out of love. And that kind of distinguishes Christianity from most other religions, I think. :)

  10. Has someone ever seen God to prove that? Heck, for all you know, maybe Jesus is just a creation. Like the fairy tales, etc etc. or a Legend? Like Troy.

  11. Obviously we can't prove anything, Gina - it's a question of faith and not science, and you're entitled to believe as you choose. No matter what you believe or think is right, there are however big and important differences between different religions, which was the point I was trying to make.