Tuesday, June 8, 2004

No Pain, No Gain!

Last Thursday, our ante-natal class was the most interesting so far. The topic of the class that night was pain. And boy, it was an eye-opener.

I'll be honest here. Most of the time I'm pretty oblivious to the suffering a woman has to go through during childbirth. Sure I've read the books. And yes I've even seen the documentaries. But it never really sinks in. So I take it in my stride and convince myself that pain and suffering is just a thing women do. No big deal.

Anyway, somewhere in between sessions we broke for dinner.

After having our fill, we were ushered back into the lecture room. And then it happened. They played a video of a childbirth. Yes, it was a childbirth in progress and we got to see it in full, gory, glory. Whoa! Not quite what I'd like for an after-dinner entertainment. What on earth were they thinking?!

But that said, now that Mae's pregnant, it has all become very real to me. Suddenly, I am more aware of the suffering a woman has to endure. Suddenly, I understand the kind of sacrifice a woman makes to bring life into the world. And suddenly, as a soon-to-be father, a husband and a son, I have a brand new perspective of motherly love. Suddenly it all makes sense why mothers hurt so bad when their kids go astray. Now that I'm about to be a daddy, I understand.

And yeah, the video helped too.


  1. I have friends who don't want to have kids coz they're afraid of the pain. But I think it would be worth it!!

  2. try watching christina aguilera's dirrty video too james! :D

  3. I think that it's so great that you participate so much in Mae's pregnancy. I'm sure your presence will make the labour less painful for Mae when it happens :)
    By the way, are there any more of guys like you out there? :lol:

  4. That's so refreshing to hear a man say such words about what a woman goes through. You're a good guy, James ^_^

  5. I watched a video on helping mothers giving emergency births and it was a really harrowing experience! You are indeed a brave and caring dude, James to be willing to go through that as well as the actual day itself - eh, you are, right? *salute*

  6. When my sister gave birth to her son last year, my mum said..."child birth pain is just the very begining..." :)
    I'm sure you will be a very good father, James. Don't worry too much...just go with the flow :)

  7. A turning point in your life eh james. ;) I'm sure many guys will reach this point somewhere in their life. Imagine coming out of a hole the size slightly bigger or more less a 50 sen coin, amazing O_o
    PS: james, any smart guy you know, you wanna recommend sara? :lol:

  8. yeah james,any guy you know who is like you?hehehe..glad to know that this is an eye opener to a different side of a woman-the mother side.you'll do great,i am sure

  9. the only time I watched a baby come into the world was when i switched on Adaptations the movie. 8)

  10. Even though I can't speak with absolute authority on the subject I do agree with you, Irene. :)
    Yes Suresh, epidurals will help but there are the risks as well. More on that in another post!
    Well Sara, I am resposible for Mae... erm... predicament. :) And oh, btw did you notice Kurang Asam shamelessly promoting himself? :lol:
    Hahha kev. Christina's videos have the same effect as childbirth eh? :) Great voice, though.
    Thanks Jasmine. :)
    Yes Ariel, I shall endeavour to witness my firstborn's birth - provided I don't pass out or something like that!! :lol:
    I agree Cherry. And I'm sure my mom agrees too! :)
    Thanks a lot for that very graphic commentary, KA! Tough luck tryin' ta get a girl now!! :lol:
    I can only hope, Dee!
    Adaptation, Natasha? Hmmm... How did I miss that?!

  11. You must be the sweetest husband/father to be on earth. Mae, if you are reading, yr hubby is a gem!

  12. my knees got weak when my teacher showed us a video of childbirth in science class when i was in Form 3....my, the pain and everything..
    well, ..I LOVE MY MOM!:)

  13. james! you're so sweet. i truly applaud you.

  14. Awww... The fact that you wrote what you wrote has instantly proved to everyone that you'll be a great father, James!

  15. That's what I always tell her, seri. *ahem*
    Good for you, glinar. Everybody go hug your moms now! :)
    Hani, don't you already know how applause goes to my head? :)
    Aww... thanks raZZie!