Tuesday, June 1, 2004

A Kick In The Face

I like to press my face up against Mae's belly and talk to Baby.

"Hey Baby, kick daddy eyes!" Okay. I dunno why but I like to speak to Baby in broken English. Hahahah! On one hand, I rationalise that he doesn't really understand so it doesn't really matter what I say. But on the other hand, the little guy seems to know exactly what I'm saying sometimes.

"Hey Baby, kick daddy eyes!" I wait. And suddenly *bish* he kicks me. Right in the eyes. Mae and I laugh like silly twits. And Baby kicks again, as though to reaffirm that he understands.

I press my face in some more and blow raspberries in Mae's tummy. Baby hates that. He kicks me in the mouth! My boy's got attitude, you have to give him that.

I just hope he doesn't grow up thinking it's okay to kick daddy in the face. :)


  1. lol .. hmm.. :P ah.. the response before they mature and after
    before : lol.. aww he is kicking me in the face. i think he is gonna grow up to be a pro footballer.
    after : you watch that leg young man or you are grounded! :D

  2. Hey James...its so nice to read about the progress of your baby...so sweet that you are actually blogging about it and letting the public now about your affections for your wife and your son...
    Keep it up!!!

  3. *bish*... is that the sound it makes? Interesting...

  4. daddy asked me to kick his eyes... shld i do dat? can i do dat? daddy's askingme to kick his eyes again... so i guess it's ok... here goes... *bish*... hey, i hear daddy & mummy laughing. so it's alright to kick daddy! teehee :P let's do that again!

  5. Hahahh, Natasha, how true. Somehow things that were cute when you were a baby diminishes in cuteness as you grow older.
    Thanks for dropping by, Cherry. :)
    I guess you must not have watched too many Hindi movies, eh Christopher!? :lol: Somehow when those Bollywood guys fight, they go *bish*!
    :lol: I can only imagine what Baby's thinking, olivia!

  6. Pro footballer eh? In that case, James, make sure you inform that Liverpool are the best team on the planet..... ;)

  7. wow....that is so cute..man, must be really different when having a kid. but it is fun though at one point but really scare at the other. hopefully ur son grew up to be the next jacky chan..hahahahahaha

  8. muahahaha..it's to funny :D
    all da *bish* *bish* bish*

  9. hahahaha.....karate kid in the making,james?

  10. I remembered once my dad told me to punch him on his washboard stomach (he was an army then) after he came home from jogging.
    I was scared of hurting him. He said, no no.. you wont hurt me, see.. washboard! try it try it!
    Then i gave him a bish on his stomach. He said... no no.. more might pls. this one is not even a punch. more like mosquitoe bite.
    So.. I gave him one more punch again. This time with all my might. His eyes bulged out and .. he was speechless for a few secs. Then let out a yelp: saying.. why you did it so hard?
    Moral of the story is: Never ever challenge your kids.

  11. Liverpool eh, Sashi. Hehhehheh... :)
    Just like daddy, kev.
    Only as long as he earns Jacky Chan bucks, keith! :lol:
    Was there ever a better sound effect that that, glinar? :lol:
    We'll see, Dee. :)
    I shall keep that in mind, Gina.

  12. James tak malu... :laughs:

  13. Hi James, nice blogs you have here. Was busy browsing Gina's (was forced too :)..no lar just kidding). It's the nicest thing that parents experienced before the childbirth...baby kicking and etc. So enjoy ehhh..
    Dun worry James, I have faith in your upbringing...:)

  14. No such word in my vocab, kev! :lol:
    Nice of you to finally drop by, Wai Ye! Hehehhe...