Sunday, June 27, 2004

Divine Interjections: 14

The 14 days are up! Finally. This also means that my Divine Interjections "miniseries" comes to an end tonight. The finale.

I never really had big questions about God and all. But by the turn of the century (I've always wanted to say this) things had started happening in my life. Big things. I had started to wonder if God existed. Life had gotten really shitty.

I was at a point in my life when I didn't anything. A girlfriend ditched me. My car got stolen. Work was terrible. I was living in a room in my brother's house. I didn't have a saving. And the insurance claim for the car was taking ages to process. I had only just begun, but I was dropping out of church. And I wasn't hearing from God.

"C'mon Dude, are you there or not? Give me a sign. Please." I was desperate. I needed God. And I needed an affirmation. But as usual, God did not answer. Not a peep. Not a squeak.

The next day, I get into the office late. I had lost the zest for life. And I sure as heck didn't feel like working. They tell me my insurance called up regarding my claim. I had insured my car for RM 50,000 but at the time it got stolen the damn car was worth only RM 33,000. The guy had told me that at most I'd get RM 35,000. Pay off what I owe the bank, pay off my company's advance for my new (used) car, I should have about RM 5,000 left which would probably go into a new set of tyres and a much-needed paint job for the new car. What good news could he possibly have for me?

I called him back.

"Mr. Tan, your claim is approved." I cut to the chase. "How much?"

"RM 48,000."

"What?" I must have heard him wrong. Did he say 28?

"RM 48,000," He repeated slowly. "It's the best we can do, sir," the poor fellow was apologetic. I assured him I was fine. But my head was swimming. RM 48,000. That's 96% of my sum insured. My agent tells me its the highest claim ever. The poor sod lost his car and he got only 80%!

With that money, I bought a small condo and married Mae. Not immediately, of course. Hehhehh.

But that weekend I went back to church. I had to. RM 48,000 is not just a sign. It was a bop on the head.


  1. A famous saint once said
    "God governs the universe,but through our sincere prayer...we who are mortals govern God"
    Anyway...God will answer all prayers and request,according to his eternal time. For God is the Alpha and the Omega.

  2. U know, i beleive that for every shitty thing that happens there just has to be some part of it that will turn out to be good. I used to be one of those who whined and bitched abt what a crappy deal life dealt me, but someone (who ironically was at that time trying to get me turn to God more) taught me that for every dark cloud there will be a silver lining.
    So now i just whine and bitch abit, still have to la cannot stop totally =) ...then move on and look for that silver lining!

  3. I wish I got bops on the head like that.
    Or maybe I did, and never saw it. Hmmm.

  4. WOW. How did you get so lucky? ;)

  5. Everyday is a miracle waiting to happen. Thanks for sharing this beautiful mini-series. I've been blessed and encouraged.

  6. If that's not God at work, I don't know what is.

  7. Eternal time. Whoa. Thank God, he got back to me pretty quick on that one, Leo. :)
    Whining and whingeing is our birthright, annu. :lol: Whine away!
    I guess you haven't lost a car yet, Sashi! :)
    Hmph! You must not have been paying attention to be asking that, mdmafia!
    You're most welcome, Mei.
    Amen to that, Sara!

  8. well seems that God got a lil sick of your complains and said to himself "If i don't grant James's'll haunt me for all eternity" =p
    that's why it was quick

  9. Sigh..I could do with some big big bops (of the good kind).
    Anyway James, been roughly following your Divine Interjections series...three things stick: a) Marriage IS more important than the wedding, b) Sometimes we forget the less fortunate want some luxuries and fun too, and not just necessities all the time, and c) It's very hard to see any good when you are concentrating hard on the bad (I know, hardly illuminating thoughts, are they?).

  10. Yeah Zsarina! Most of the time, the biggest secrets of a happy life are really no big secret. :)

  11. Yeah. Someone blamed me for the lost car. :P