Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Divine Interjections: 08

Okay. I'm no theologian, but I do have a theory about prayer. Anyone who says God answers all prayers have forgotten to mention the fine print: Terms and Conditions apply.

Somehow I think self-serving prayers don't work out. "Father in Heaven, make me the most powerful man on earth!" No way God's gonna grant that. "How about I make you the most powerful man in the public toilet?"

And probably, materialistic prayers.

"Dear Lord, can I have a Harley Davidson Fatboy?" And you actually believe it'll happen, that is, until God brings you right back down to earth. "Naaah, I see you as more of a Honda Cub kinda guy."

And if you were thinking of some vanity prayer, you had better think again. "God, make me beautiful." Don't forget God made all things, and He made all things beautiful. That includes frogs. And cows. And bugs.

But yes, God does answer prayers. But don't forget, Terms & Conditions apply.


  1. Ah. I see. That explains why I am not currently playing for Liverpool. ;)

  2. Sashi, I think God was protecting you from that new horrible yellow jersey! :lol:

  3. also: be careful what you wish...it may come true

  4. True, true, Hmm! (btw, that's a weird choice for a nickname! :lol: )