Friday, June 11, 2004


Yesterday was the last of our Ante-natal classes. We talked about breastfeeding.

Mother's milk is the best for baby. It's nourishing. It's safe. And it's probably delicious. Of course, I'm not exactly speaking with any authority as a Mother's Milk connoisseur. I'm just regurgitating what I learnt from the class and from books. I assure you I haven't had any for a while now! :)

Breastfed Babies form a closer bond with Mommies, according to the midwife who gave us the talk. It's a mother-baby privilege. But Daddies can bond with Baby in other ways. Daddies can change Baby's diapers. Daddies can do the laundry. Daddy can play fetch. Fetch, Daddy, fetch.

Yah right! Mommy gets to bond with Baby while Daddy gets to bond with Baby's shit. Is this a female propaganda or what?! Hahhahahha!! Yes, yes, yes, I know. Mommy has to give birth.

Anyway, Mae's decided on breastfeeding. As for me, it looks like I'll be wallowing in shit for some time. *sigh*

Baby better not be giving me shit when he grows up.


  1. "Fetch, Daddy, fetch."
    haha, funny.

  2. You better watch out James. He may give you a whole lot of shit and then give you a kick to boot! :D

  3. haha! auww... i can't wait!!! this is just too exciting... i can't wait for the baby to arrive... :) awww i'm all cuddly, fuzzy and cute now...

  4. daddy can cut the umbilical cord =P
    now that's a role!
    congrats on the baby =P

  5. Fetch, Daddy, fetch. ROTFLMAO don't forgot the horsie rides, james ;)

  6. Daddy can cuddle Baby and sing to him :)

  7. Please save me from going crazy or just losing my patience which would be somewhat worse! James you guys have had the final episode of survivor right? We have 2 episodes to go (so before this weeks elimination - we have 5 people), here is where I go crazy hehe...All I want to know is (and without naming names - i really don't want to look at the winner yet), what is the huge twist???They are really hyping it here and its driving me nuts!!! Much obiliged!

  8. The twist is someone's getting 1 million dollars. But this time the viewers get to decide who gets the million.

  9. Too bad the joke's on me, Lara! :)
    Yes, yes Norzu. There's only one way out for me. Let the propaganda begin!! :lol:
    Hahhah, kev. You know, you're not supposed to get more excited than me! :)
    Yeah gerrard. It's gonna be gross, but yeah, that's a role, alright! :)
    *sigh* You just reminded me how much I'm gonna need to get in shape, Olivia!
    I'm not sure about the singing, though, Irene!! :lol:
    :lol: Rachel, rachel!, there are quite a few twist this time around but I can't tell you more without giving out some spoilers. "Me" has given you a little hint there! :) Thanks Me!!

  10. I guess I will just have to be a little more patient..groan! Not one of my strong suits but we can discuss all this next wednesday! hehe

  11. James - Dad's can do lots of stuff to bond and don't worry Mum's can express milk so that Dad's can do some late night feeds while she gets some deserved rest. Bathing baby is another great bonding task and simply holding baby and relaxing when you get home will give you as much pleasure as baby. Better than prozac trust me !

  12. Hey..good that Mae's decided on full breastfeeding! Meanwhile, you might want to practice holding soft and fragile objects in your hands - esp ones that move! Smiles from here!

  13. I'm sure you're right, DB. I feel relaxed thinking about it. :)
    Yeah Zsarina!! It's gonna feel weird at first. The nurses were telling us that when we bathe Baby, we ought to hold Baby in a "football" hold. I hope I don't get the urge to bounce this "football"! :lol: