Sunday, April 18, 2004

Kiddie Cake

with a huff and a puff

Yesterday, we celebrated Baby Joshua's birthday. Joshua is my sister, Sue's one-year-old. Like every big event in our family, Baby Joshua's birthday was just another excuse to get the whole family together!

Sue got my other sis, Jo to arrange the cake. "Get something cute and colourful," she said and Jo made an order at the Coffee Bean in downtown KL. The cake was an impressive piece of work. It's a cute little train pulling three cars of jelly beans, M & M and some other chocolate candy. The taste, however was a far different story!

It's horrible! It's far too sweet. And then the "icing" is some rubbery stuff, which is like biting into bubble gum. Ick! It was truly a cake designed for kids. Even with her sweet tooth, Mae found the cake a little hard to swallow.

As far as Joshua is concerned, I don't think he cared too much. In fact, I don't think he even ate any. He probably didn't have any room with all the chips, potato wedges and fried chicken inside of him!

When Baby is out and celebrating his first birthday, Mae and I will buy him the perfect birthday cake - Tiramisu. :)


  1. heh heh, the rubbery stuff is marzipan (takes a good recipe to make it pleasantly edible while appealing at the same time).
    looks kinda tough to me, but a cute looking cake!!!

  2. hi, i found this on PPS! the cake looked great though, in spite of the icky taste. my cousin once insisted on chewing on a (tasteless) wafer house that was the decoration on a cake because it was, well, a house!

  3. Joshua is cute, alright!

  4. Yeah, I think the rubbery coating is marzipan. :) I like tiramisu, but of course my favourite is cheese cake, though I don't think little kids would favour that.

  5. Looks like the guys at Coffee Bean didn't have a good enough recipe for the stuff, pickyin! :)
    Thanks for dropping by Lara Amir. Yeah, I used to like eating the deco on cakes too!
    Yeah Gina! He's a show-stealer.
    I like cheesecake too, raZZbeRRy. And I'm sure the kids won't mind. :)