Tuesday, April 13, 2004

An Ex to Grind

Last Saturday evening, Mae and I along with my siblings attended a church service in PJ for my stepmom's baptism.

We got there fairly early. But since it was Easter, we weren't nearly early enough. By 6:00 pm the church was pack to the brim - so much so that anyone who arrived any later had to sit outside the church building. So there we were, on the outside with only a projection screen to make sense of the proceedings inside. Then halfway through the service, Mae's eyes shot up. "Hey! I think that's Ziggy."

Ziggy (not his real name) was an ex. Mae had gone out with him years before I even came along. But I knew who he was and pretty much what he was all about, based on Mae's point-of-view. Mae and I often told each other our war stories and Ziggy was an important episode in her life.

"Honey, we passed them by just a moment ago," I said. "Really?" surprised that she missed him despite the fact that the guy was towering behemoth! "Yeah," I replied, "And he was with that pregnant woman. Must be his wife I think." Mae squinted at the projection screen trying to make out what Ziggy's wife looked like. "You think?"

"Yeah, they were holding hands," I replied nonchalantly. And then it came.

"Was she pretty?" Mae just had to know. "She was okay, I guess," I guessed.

"Was she prettier than me?" she asked, sheepishly. "Nope. No one is prettier than you. NO ONE! " I said in mock melodrama, furrowing my brow and flaring my nostrils. She responded with a bop to my head. Then she giggled like a silly schoolgirl. I know she loved that answer. :)

And people say guys are hung-up on their ex-es. Feh!


  1. Well, Mae is very lucky to have you as her husband, and you are lucky to have Mae as your wife. :)

  2. Man, I never asked my Significant Other the 'prettiness question' 'coz he's straight forward kindda guy. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to kill him if he said some girls are prettier than me.

  3. Aww James! I'm so glad you did what you did. But you always do what you do, don't you?
    Again, amazingly sweet!
    War stories, you've had more than your fair share. However I do think that the gals are always more hung up on their ex-es. I am so aware I was that.
    It's all re-programming. I'm glad I attended the Anthony Robbins Seminar and got help. :)
    You're doing a great job, James and I am so proud of you!

  4. "Was she prettier than me?"
    LOL~ de facto question ;)

  5. a reader of your blogApril 13, 2004 at 5:42 PM

    ha...so smart of you!
    never mention how pretty the other gal is infront of galfriend/wife/females !
    just to share a line, which is very useful ! ( at least it saved me ... after i mentioned my ex's 36C )
    " honey, there's no point saying all these... Because you could choose to love me or not to love me, and i can only choose to love you or to love you more .. ( give a kiss on the forehead ) "

  6. LOL. i dun ask my bf dat question, cos the term pretty is quite subjective. i mean, if a guy really loves u, u r definitely pretty in his eyes rite? but of cos at times, when my bf kisses me, he wld just look at me and say "you are soooo pretty, you know?" and like Mae, i wld be giggling like a school kid *giggles* okok, i can be lame at times. waaattt.... *hides face*

  7. James, I read your blog for the first time, and I love it. My husband always said that I am prettier than Siti Nurhaliza. So, I guess, you are pretty much like him. I regretted that I do not take notes on my pregnancies. That should be a fun thing to read after 2 - 3 years.

  8. Thanks for the vote of confidence, raZZbeRRy. I have to find out if she feels the same. ;)
    Hahhaha!! The bright side of that, Arni is that he'll always be honest with you even if it kills him.
    Heh. I wonder if Anthony Robbin's ex-es ever get over him. :lol:
    LcF, it's like a packaged deal. Get the girl, get the questions! :lol:
    Ah, reader... seal the deal with a kiss, eh? :)
    Hurray for giggly girls, olivia! :)
    Thanks, seri. This blog is my propaganda tool. When Baby grows up and finds this blog, he'll go, "Wow... daddy is the best!!!" :lol:

  9. james,
    you are so sweet! have you got a younger brother? ;)

  10. Nope, only older brothers, adriene. But hey, you can always try a Rancangan 20 Tahun and target my son!! :lol:

  11. james..pls, intro to me....as long as he is below 50 yr old and rich.....i can go with guys aged 19-50....:)

  12. Feh! Sure you say that now phoenix but when you see the wrinkles on his butt you'll change your mind!

  13. james, if i targetted your son in 20 yrs time, you'd be one cool father in law! ;)
    btw, what do you type to get the laughing smiley?

  14. Heya adriene, for a laugh type colon-L-O-L-colon. For an assortment of smileys, click on that little questionmark right next to the word "comment". You'll find this right above the box where you type your comments.