Monday, April 5, 2004

Sweet Tooth

sweets for my sweet

Aside from Baby's arrival, one of our biggest anticipation for Mae's pregnancy is her cravings. We have heard so many stories about pregnancy cravings that we're anxious to have our own experience.

Most pregnant women get cravings. And you'll be surprise to hear the kinds of things that happen. For us husbands our duty is just to provide, by hook or crook, through rain or shine the many desires of our wives appetite. According to the old folks, an expectant mother's craving must be satisfied. No reason given. Somehow I suspect this to be some womenfolk propaganda!

Mae is okay so far. No raging cravings for anything in particular but she seems to have developed a sweet tooth. Hence the picture. Breakfast for Mae was a "Mun Cheong Kueh" (what do you call this in Malay? Apam Balik in Malay - Thanks Bob). We get ours in the Bukit Maluri morning market. This guy's been plying his trade in the same spot for over 10 years. 40 sen a slice. But today, on the day that Mae decides to eat some, he's decided to raise the price to 60 sen! Hahahah!!!

Thank God Mae isn't craving for abalone. Or Lobster Thermidore. Or for that matter, Sarawak Laksa... from Sarawak! :)


  1. It's called Apam Balik in Malay and as I recently learnt from my Cantonese wife, "Gup Chung" in Cantonese. I prefer the thin and crispy type .. the way I like my pizzas :p

  2. I will inform Mae to crave for bird nest, shark fin soup and this really nice baked baramundi from Citron Cafe. Hmmph.
    They said if you dont satisfy your wife's cravings during pregnancy, your child will be salivating/drooling non stop when he/she is born.

  3. mang zhang kueh! ss 2 mang zhang kueh!
    so wat else does Mae crave for? tiramisu? bird's nest? they say drink more milk/soya. the baby's skin very smooth wan.

  4. My boss is pregnant. So far, life in the office with her is no big deal. She's into her third trimester. No cravings, no raging hormones. She seems more normal than before.
    She cannot eat that much also since she got pregnant! LOL.

  5. Bob K, I think "Gup Chung" is that pulut-thing they sell together with "Yau Char Kwei". :) And yeah, I like the thin and crispies too, this and pizza!
    Gina, if she asks you're buying!!!
    No real cravings yet, oliviasy. But she's drinking lots of soy milk and taking some bird's nest.
    Hehh, if she suddenly gets mood swings you better watch out, Shine!

  6. if iam pregnant, i want crave for bird nest, shark fin soup, abalone, lobster and will hire ms rowena to be my cook...hhhhhhhhhhh

  7. Well James... She's been a great sport and all.. I thought here was the modern model of a pregger. Then, sigh. It attacks.
    I'm in the midst of a job transition. I'm changing departments (finally after 3 years on my ass) She didn't approve of my leave of one week before I start my new job!

  8. I think you jinxed me with that, James..

  9. Damnit! Now i feel like eating Apam Balik pulak...! Eh ur pictures all damn appetizing wei..

  10. Hahahahahaa!!! ahlian, I don't think you get to choose your craving. Mae loves mushrooms but now she cannot take the smell anymore!
    I didn't jinx you lah, Shine. Your days were numbered the day your boss got knocked-up! :lol:
    Thanks annu. For that encouraging statement, I shall proceed to tempt you further with more shots to come. ;)