Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Lend Me Your Ears!

Mae is 21 weeks pregnant. According to BabyCenter, Baby's developed a hearing by now. That means the little guy will be able to hear our conversations from here on!

Actually, Mae's begun talking to Baby a couple of weeks back. And she's been trying to get me in on it as well.

"Will you stop watching TV and come talk to your son?" Mae called out to her TV-addict of a husband one day. I go into the room and sheepishly attempt to strike up a conversation with my unborn child. "Hi Baby. Daddy loves you. Good boy!" and that pretty much summed up the things I have to say to my kid. Hahah! It's pathetic, I know and Mae knows it too. "C'mon, that's pathetic-lah. Is that all you have to say to your son?"

"But honey, I hardly know the little guy," I say in my own defense. Okay, it's weak. But it's also true. What does one say to their unborn child? But Mae would have none of it.

"Hey, you think I know him any better?" she retorted.

"Of course you do. He lives inside of you," I say smugly, basking in the genius of my clever little repartee and waiting for her to shoo me away back to my TV. But my wife is far sneakier than me, "see, Baby? Daddy doesn't wanna talk to you!"

It was below the belt, and she knows it. Heh! But it was effective. "No, Baby. Daddy loves you. But daddy just doesn't know what to say. I've never had a baby of my own before you know..." and then just like magic, the conversation pretty much went free flow from there. And we've been talking to Baby ever since.

And yes, I have lots more to say now. :)


  1. wait baby eavesdrop on everything ;)

  2. no more notti notti 18sx stuff for u till she gives birth eh ;)

  3. teach him the facts of life now, to avoid future awkwardness and embarassment... ;)

  4. james's baby....papa hao luo so...:lol:
    james..but ur english is too high class for me somtimes...becos my english is no good... :o(

  5. You two are such a cute pair of parents-to-be.....picked the name out yet?

  6. Any opinions/comments on this article?
    FYI: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/3638733.stm

  7. I must jaga my mulut also in front of your wife, then. sigh.

  8. cute...by the way,thanks for the condolence wish.very much appreciated.

  9. Oh James! You are amazing. (you have always been)
    I always talk to myself. When I started going to church, I realised that I wasn't talking to myself. I guess now you have lots more to say even to those "unseen".

  10. Yes oliviasy, we're getting a small CD player for the room. :)
    Hahahah ryuu, you kill me lah!!! *piak*
    Good plan, SS. :)
    No worries, phoenix. You read more, I write more and both our English will improve. :)
    No, Zsarina. We're can't seem to decide what to call Baby just yet.
    If Baby grows up and sues me for invading his privacy, Annie, I will cut him off his inheritance... :lol:
    Gina, just in front of my wife? :)
    No worries, Dee!
    Flattery will get you nowhere but it will get you a PaanMein, Shine. :)

  11. I swear I posted a comment. It has dissapeared.
    I think you're the bestest daddy ever :)

  12. Thanks, meesh! Now what was that I was saying about flattery... :)

  13. My wife & I is also expecting our firstborn son too. Last night we read that the baby's eyes can actually see light - progression from hearing to seeing. So we shone a torch at Mom's belly....
    Nuthing happend though, maybe baby's asleep. As nutty parents that we are, I think we're gonna try again tonight!

  14. Hey, congrats to you and your wife, colin! Hmm... one more item to add to our shopping list - torchlight!! :lol: Good luck with the shining tonight. :)

  15. Congratulations!
    No, you don't know me, but I stumbled onto your blog by way of Messy Christians. Have a blog of my own now - check it out - where I've written about my babies.
    Lots of Happy Days are ahead with baby on the way. If you need to ask any questions or just wanna talk about the wee babe, do write.

  16. Hey there, Lee. Thanks. Will visit your blog!

  17. Piak eh...
    You got yourself LOCKED IN?
    Is there anything you cant do?

  18. Mdmafia you crackerhead, you posted in the wrong comment box. Is there anything that you can't do? :lol:

  19. Well, that I did!